Sunday, November 18, 2012

Four Words.

Four Words
for your viewing pleasure...

    Don't fret! They're not all for me...actually, none of them are. I swung by the sample sale here in New York and decided to pick up a few items. Er, I mean, too many items. It's the holidays, and there's nothing more that women truly desire than a delicious bag. OK, we desire lots in the name of "the holidays." And, let me backpeddle, I won't generalize us all as superficial stereotypes who don't possess a care or serious thought in the world. We desire all sorts of things ranging from an aspirin to cure that thumping, bumping headache to an increase in the employment rate--But, I, like many, can appreciate a well-crafted, beautiful handbag, in the name of art, of course. With these above from Rebecca Minkoff, I plan on passing along my savings, and making a few surplus bucks in addition, by selling on Ebay.
    Sample sales are terrific events for so many of us to access our favorite designers at much more reasonable prices than buying straight from retailers. Our icons become attainable. Around the holidays, and especially here in New York, there are multiple sales a can be a bit overwhelming. Women, women, women everywhere! Waiting in lines for hours that snake around five city blocks in the freezing cold. Tired feet and pneumonia in the name of high-fashion bargains! Fashion is serious business. LITERALLY. And a darn extensive and powerful one, at that, and it's obvious when hoards gather outside of stores for nights on end just to have the chance to drop thousands of dollars.
Anyway, with the plethora of discount designer sites, online flash sales, and sample sales, there's almost no excuse to pay full price any longer for whatever it is that you might be coveting. Seriously. Don't be daft. Groupon, Gilt Group, Lifebooker, etc., deliver an array of goods and services right to where you sit on that laptop screen, and within two days, usually to your front door. Knock Knock.
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