Friday, November 30, 2012

Allow Me.

I was born in a Crossfire Hurricane.
Last night, I visited the Museum of Modern Art , which I don't do nearly enough. Where do I find this elusive thing we refer to as time in New York City to gallivant around museums and peruse artwork in silent contemplation?
I found exactly one hour and 31 minutes, though, and appeared at MoMA in honor of my first live performance of my very favorite band of all time, ahem, the greatest rock 'n roll band of all time, The Rolling Stones. December 13th, they play here in New York, and this girl holds tickets. I saw the screening of "Gimme Shelter," the documentary of The Rolling Stones' infamous free concert held at the Altamont Speedway in the middle of the boonies in northern California on December 6, 1969.
300, 000 fans attended. 300,000. Let that number sink in. Hell's Angels acting as security. No police. Free. 1969. 300,000. Unimaginably fantastic...and also terrifying. Insane mobs, drunk and totally high crowds. The power of numbers. Four women gave birth. One homicide occurred. Three accidental deaths were reported. Utter chaos.  The Rolling Stones, as individuals and a musicians, were the hurricane they sang about and not just at Altamont. OK, I could go on and on about them, but I'll shut up and stay on the topic at hand.
Check out more from MoMA's "The Rolling Stones: 50 Years on Film" tribute, which just runs through December 2.
Sorry for the noise, but I'm that kind of girl, and I'll be playing my Stones' records just a few volumes higher than usual.
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