Tuesday, November 13, 2012

This Week in Four.


This week, I am loving so many things. What's not to love about the November crisp air, the anticipation of the holidays, Frasier firs, Christmas movies, and getting super duper cozy with friends, furry companions, family, delicious food, warm mugs, and fabulously chic coats and scarves and gloves and...

you get the idea.

       Anyway, the following are several things that I have been and am currently incredibly amped up on. Amped! And, yes, since every person and their mother on Facebook is listing daily what they're thankful for...I will hitch my horse to that bandwagon. I am thankful for these things with addition of so many others. Just a few for your consideration.


Alexander Wang and his innovative style.

His influence and undeniable talents are clearly displayed in his well-crafted ready-to-wear line, and his succulent leather handbags...The Alexander Wang sample sale went down here in New York last week, and I could have died happily there. Well, minus all of the insane women who were literally giving each other so much shade when one spotted and grabbed an item that another just almost had. Woman versus woman. It went down. I went, I saw, I conquered...Bank of America might object to this self-proclaimed victory.  My poor debit card continues to quiver in agony and fear.





Whoa, calm down there.


When it's cold, there is absolutely nothing else I'd rather be doing than sitting with my pup, drinking hot tea, and watching an old film. Mine, my partner, my lady of the house, my fox, Miss Blanche D. Let's take a minute to smooch our pets and thank them for their love even when we are un-showered, grumpy, and self-loathing.

B) Faux fur on humans.
Faux fur collars, vests, cuffs, coats, and hats. It might be a little gaudy. It might be a little "Real Housewives of New Jersey," but I just can't help myself. I'd throw faux fur on just about anything. Pillows, blankets, drapes (anyone? maybe?).  No, but really, faux fur hats are delectable. See below, if you're questioning my taste. Don't question. Go with it. I wouldn't steer you wrong. If I could, I'd wear them all throughout the year. Swimsuits with faux trim are next; you've been forewarned.
Kate Hudson as Penny Lane, one of my all-time favorite film characters from one of my all-time favorite films, Almost Famous. That hat? MAJOR.

Library Cards.
They're free, and....Wait, they're free. Free! How amazing is it that we can check out books, dvds, magazines, etc. allllll for nothing? I loved the library as a child. Now, as an adult, I have re-discovered the divine institution that is the public library. Every week, I check out about ten dvds, predominantly films that I had always wanted to see, have heard or read about, or even never knew existed. Recent films as well as older ones. My very favorite task as of late has been reviewing the American Film Institutes's top 100 films of all time list and researching those I have never seen. It seems that even some of these classics have eluded me through the years. I need to see so many things, it seems. I go about locating and checking out said films from any one of my local libraries. These movies are referenced in so many aspects of our daily lives, in conversations, in art, in the modern media, on television, in our newest biggest weekend blockbusters, etc. These films, these storylines, these characters, the dialogue...they have all been so culturally significant. I thank the library in opening my eyes to so many unique and equally beautiful worlds depicted in these genius films and books. Yes, I like you, public library. Scratch that, I love you.


The Plaza.

This week, it's been lunch at the historic and beautiful Plaza Hotel. Everything is top-of-the-line. I mean, everything. Marble, oak, chandeliers, and crystal. Of course, it's luxurious. It's New York. It's simply fabulouuuuus, and I wish that I could afford to hang out there like I was just sipping a Bold Pick at Starbucks and yapping away on my cell phone. A glass of rose will run you about 18 buckaroos. A necessary indulgence, though, at times. Here, here! I'll take two! (I'll be forced to eat oatmeal for the next three meals, but that's just fine with me.)


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