Thursday, December 13, 2012

What I Wore: Crayola.

"Well, COLOR me Happy...
There's a sofa in here for two!"
-Vivien from Pretty Woman, a legendary kind of girl.

     Speaking of...great segue, huh? Color is an amazing thing. My innate attraction to anything black in addition to living here in New York (the dark city--they call it Gotham for a reason, dear), has pretty much dictated the contents of my closet for the last few years. Blacks, whites, and greys reigned.  It's been a difficult thing- bringing in some POPS of color. No one believed in me. I never thought it would be possible to defeat the black beast. But, alas, by George, I've done it! In fact, I'm LOVING pairing unlike, non-matching colors with one another.

Last night, I saw "A Christmas Story: the Musical"  (which was such a hilarious delight!) on Broadway, and I threw together the following color combination for a night of theater and dining:

1. Teal-blue silk sheath by Diane Von Furstenberg
2. Lemon-yellow Rebecca Minkoff "MAC Daddy" shoulder bag
3.  Lime-green suede wedges by Dolce Vita
Interesting, eh? I thought so. Give it a whirl and a good twirl.
And, I leave you with my favorite scene of Vivien.
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