Saturday, December 29, 2012


I'll repeat the title of this post:


    At midnight, I will officially turn 26 (I mean, really? I feel old. When did I reach this "old" checkpoint? I feel older than the way "twenty-six" sounds...What the hell happened?!)  So, yes, I'm entitled, as the birthday girl (obviously), to a tiny, itty bitty smidgen of self-reflection before I go about my way for the night with friends in order to celebrate yet-another year I have been alive, and yet another year, another chance, another "turning of the leaf," per se, for me to continue on my life's journey. To continue my life's work. My purpose. To continue to explore myself and deepen my relationship with the combination of mind, body, and spirit. To enrich relationships with those already in my life...and to prepare for others to enter into it. To get better. To be better. To be more thoughtful. To be more productive. To give more back to people in all ways.

I'm diving in and forging ahead, although I am often nervous and/or terrified of what the future may hold. But...yes, but...

I know me.

And, you know what? It may have taken a lot of heartache and sparring with myself (and others--BOTH literally and figuratively), but I've exited the darkness.

I know me, and I like me.

    On that note, Pozie's Poems creates these incredibly adorable hanging mobiles. Most consist of five-to-six words, all flowing vertically down on hand-painted wooden slats. Pozie's Poems is run by just a handful of people who set up shop at the Union Square Holiday Market here in New York, on the Highline with other independent designers, or a handful of other young artist and vendor flea markets. I believe that you can research them online and discover where they are currently selling, considering it changes quite often.

Give them as gifts, personalize them, or purchase one for yourself (like I did). I use mine as a visual of my own self-affirmation. But, I plan on purchasing a different version, with words I will choose, for my nephew's baby room.

 I enjoy opening my sleepy eyes to a few encouraging words in the wee hours of the morning or just glancing at it while I slip in and out of my room throughout the day.

I thought I'd share. That's all.

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