Monday, December 3, 2012

Step lightly, now.

Planes, trains, and automobiles...and feet. Literally.

     Traveling from one place to another alllllll damn day is my reality. I'm always zipping around, carrying a million and one bags, climbing up subway stairs, hopping over rails, running after cabs, and walking walking walking until my legs give out. It's New York, so I'm usually doing all of the activities without the athletic gear, and unfortunately for my feet, without tennis shoes.

     We simply neeeed shoes that can survive rain and sleet and, of course, a trek from the Upper West side to the Lower East side, back over the Williamsburg Bridge--Function and sustainability may be necessities, but we neeeed to look fabulous, darling, while participating in these obstacle courses. Not a sweaty mess.

     House of Harlow 1960 (Click!), Nicole Richie's accessories line, produces some beautiful pieces. And in terms of flats, they get it. The mix of texture, fabric, and color is unique and the quality of the shoe is impeccable. Rejoice! My workout attire continues to try to tempt me in to wearing it all of the time, everywhere, so it's a rarity for me to happily jump out of that convenient pair of walking shoes and into something a bit more stylish. My House of Harlow 1960s do, though.
One of my favorites, in gold and cream alligator, which I donned all weekend around Manhattan and Brooklyn:

Ch-ch-check it out, friend.

Gawk and/or buy here:

1) House of Harlow on Shopbop

Shopbop carries a vast number of House of Harlow 1960, and many of them are on sale. Sales! I like a good sale, and so should you.

2) House of Harlow on

Also, Beso.Com compiles products from multiple shopping sites and features them all together in one place. They mark items down quickly as well.
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