Friday, February 15, 2013

Two Bergdorf Brunettes for Tea.

The legendary, the iconic, the house of all that is beautiful and luxurious...

 Bergdorf Goodman's, sits regally on 5th Avenue between 57th and 58th streets, directly beside the also equally-regal Plaza hotel and Central Park.
In all its, "glory, glory, glory, glorrrrryyyyyy!"

     And, if you're an avid chic-lit (I actually DETEST that term to describe novels) reader, then I'm sure you've been caught up on just how revered this place is. It's as if the building itself emits a little golden glow that draws you in, eyes glazed over. It's the mother ship. And sadly, so incredibly shi-shi and expensive, that it's absolutely mind-boggling. the money that waltzes in there and handed over those beautiful glass counter tops is astronomical! Really, I'm sick now.

A fur advertisement for Bergdorf Goodman, 1938.
    Bergdorf's was founded in 1899 by Herman Bergdorf, a French immigrant new to New York City, and later owned and managed by Edwin Goodman, Bergdorf's apprentice at his small tailor shop. Hence, Bergdorf  and Goodman's future garment business venture. In 1901, their tailoring business was officially named Bergdorf Goodman. Bergdorf eventually retired to Paris, and Goodman established himself as a popular ladies' tailor. He moved his business uptown and introduced his first ready-to-wear line (Speaking of New York fashion week, hello!) in 1914, causing a frenzy over his impeccably-designed apparel. But, in 1928, Bergdorf Goodman moved into the building it currently resides in, and since, it has proudly continued to symbolize those elusive-and ever-running, just out of grasp-qualities of glamour and luxury.

    The BG Cafe, Bergdorf's in-house restaurant, calls the 7th floor home. It's expensive. It's a scene. It's for ladies who lunch and have exorbitant amounts of money. Its views feature Fifth Avenue and Central Park. It's a tad old-school, and maybe even old-lady-ish, but GASP! That's my style. I'm attracted to the classic. Not boring. There's a difference, mind you. Fascinatingly classic. Whether it's classic New York, classic films, classic fashion staples, I like people, places and things with some roots. Some depth. Some history. They have stories--these icons, these classics...they have so many rich stories, so many secrets.

Truvy: I kind of like hiring somebody with a past.
Clairee: She can't be more than eighteen. She hasn't had time to have a past.
Truvy: Oh get with it, Clairee. This is the eighties. If you can achieve puberty, you can achieve a past.
          -Steel Magnolias (1989), TriStar Pictures, Rastar Films

   At BG Cafe, between 3p.m. and 5p.m., they serve a high-tea menu, which translates to the ultimate "lady who lunches" afternoon outing. I'm loooooooooving all of these absolutely adorable, ladylike emerging tea-and-scones soirees! Can we say "perfect winter weather activity" all together now?

   The old-lady in me (who is rapidly-rapidly, I tell you!-taking over any other younger, twenty-something in me) is living for this, honey. Living. Yes, I just employed some humor in that last statement. Re-read it. I'm still laughing to myself, I swear.

   For $35 at the top of Bergdorf Goodman, you can score a lovely dining room chair, overlooking Central Park if you're just lucky or possibly snag a reservation, and sip tea while munching (or gorging) on a 3-tired silver tray of scrumptious tea sandwiches and miniature pastries. See...delightful? And for $50, it also includes a glass of champagne. That was clearly my choice. I understand it's pricey. But, it's something worth indulging in. It's a special pause in the midst of these often-stressful, busy lives of ours. I've been twice in the past three months, and most recently, with my middle sister and my two-month-old nephew, Hudson, who's the star pupil at Olivia's New York City Grooming School. He's currently studying my difficult but vital lessons in life, such as the importance of maintaining priorities. You can laugh again now.

   Whether you live here in New York, visit or plan to, or just enjoy perusing the happenings around this chaotic but exquisite city, you should take a look at the BG Cafe and Tea Room, but also CLICK HERE-YES, HERE, to locate tea houses near your 'hood.

Forget what you think you know.
Tea is in. No joke.
And, it's not just for us old ladies.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Pencils and Needles- NYFW.

The time has come--
For one and all.

   The in famous week has arrived, dearest readers, whether you realize it or not. You might be better off, not wholly understanding the stress and rushing, rushing, rushing chaos that this crucial time entails.

This year, I am working with such a creative team of inspiring individuals at Style Defined NYC, and for the woman who created this incredible publication of everything stylish in New York--director, the wizard of streetsyle herself, Katya Moorman. *
*On a sidenote: Working with others--those who work, live, and breathe creation with something from deep inside the spirit and soul, almost as if ingrained---well, that's rare to find, and even more amazing to collaborate with. It's the holy grail. Finding work doing something that lights your soul on fire. Typically, we are all forced to choose between inner fulfillment/expressive release and steady work/surviving/thriving. And plainly, that sucks. Don't you agree? Can't we just chase these dreams of ours and still be able to keep food in our mouths and a roof, even a small roof of a tiny apartment building here in New York City, over our heads? Oh, the artists' plight! I suppose it's laughably cliche. The struggling life of the creative---where is the balanced universe where we can possess it all? I'm searching desperately, I do know that.

This week we all know and revere, even worship and simultaneously dread, NEW YORK FASHION WEEK, appropriately abbreviated like everything else in life, NYFW, began  for me on Wednesday with the Organic by John Patrick show at 10:30 a.m.
Organic by John Patrick A/W 2013- Epic final look--screaming pink nylon mini shift dress.
    Back to the central topic, though--Fashion shows, presentations, events, parties, celebrations, music sets, and any other excuse to corral a bunch of stylish, great looking people who revel in meticulous design and social settings, fill each and every day, night, morning during this week. It's a marathon. So, I laced up my tennis shoes-figuratively, of course (come on!)-to prevail.

Vaute presentation--100% vegan and cruelty-free ready-to-wear line by Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart.
Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart herself, posing for the massive amount of press present.
Whether I'm running down the street in wedges or hailing a cab, breathlessly trying to race to another show before it commences (and to swipe a complimentary cupcake or coconut water they're serving to the audience), I'm constantly overwhelmed by the one million reminders I have beeping on my phone, filling the pages in my planner, and sprinting through this 'ole hollow head over here. It's worth it, though.

Kimberly Ovitz A/W 2013
Who are we kidding? I'm not going to pretend like I still, even after all of these years, don't find this all enthralling. There's always something extraordinarily attractive about the anticipation of chaos. Beautiful chaos.

It's a lot. This week is both wonderfully exciting but also such an enormous production, in every sense. But, alas, there is a glitter trim! You won't be left alone. I will be posting links to my work, reviews, and streetsyle snapshots on Style Defined NYC , so we can all participate together--I need a few partners in crime.

Enjoy the delicious display of art. Wearable art. It's pretty incredible what people can do with a pencil and a needle. Two of the tiniest tools we as humans have invented. But, two of the most influential and powerful of all time. The pencil and the needle. Ponder for a second. Heavy, huh?

Kimberly Ovitz A/W 2013 finale
(I was also sitting two rows from Anna Wintour of VOGUE...two rows. Yes.)

Bottom line:
Look ravishing.
Feel extraordinary.
Create something, anything that makes your heart swell--babies, haikus, lasagna from scratch, whatever gets your blood pumping. Pulse, pulse, pulse.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Found: In Colombia.

This is my third and final installment in the Color Me, Colombia series...

And it's my favorite! The goodies- YES, please!

I simply had to pick up a few of the South American essentials and in bright, delicious colors.
The bold and the beautiful, ladies and gents:

Colombia traveling, vacation, Colombian accessories hats fabrics patterns, bright colored bags, handmade necklaces South American, latin american clothes necklaces bracelets and shoes, Colombian leather and beads, handmade south american jewelry
Colombia traveling, vacation, Colombian accessories, bright colored bags, handmade necklaces South American, latin american clothes necklaces bracelets and shoes, Colombian leather and beads, vacationing in Colombia, handmade south american jewelry
Handmade, beaded necklaces I purchased in el Centro.

Colombia traveling, vacation, Colombian accessories, bright colored bags, handmade necklaces South American, latin american clothes necklaces bracelets and shoes, Colombian leather and beads, vacationing in Colombia, Spanish style fabrics and accessories, handmade south american jewelry
From left, 1. teal and gold hand-beaded necklace. 2. Genuine Colombian leather cuffs. 3. Woven half-moon shaped black and white bag with a pop of rose, yellow-gold, and mint green.
Colombia traveling, vacation, Colombian accessories, bright colored bags, handmade necklaces South American, latin american clothes necklaces bracelets and shoes, Colombian leather and beads, traveling to Colombia, Spanish style fabrics and jewelry, handmade south american jewelry
Genuine leather and woven green, blue, orange and green wrap-around wedges. They buckle at the back of the ankle, and a girl-y bow serves as a garnish, sitting atop the toe. Handmade in Colombia, purchased at a local high-end dress shop.
Colombia traveling, vacation, Colombian accessories, bright colored bags, handmade necklaces South American, Spanish style accessories, Colombia fabrics, traveling to Colombia, Colombia hats, Panama hats, latin american clothes necklaces bracelets and shoes, Colombian leather and beads, handmade south american jewelry
Typical woven black and white woven Panama-style hat...and yes, it is hanging right next to my faux fur hat. Oh, the irony!
Colombia traveling, vacation, Colombian accessories, bright colored bags, handmade necklaces South American, Colombian fabric, Spanish style, vacationing in Colombia, Colombian hats, Panama style hats, latin american clothes necklaces bracelets and shoes, Colombian leather and beads, handmade south american jewelry
Four beautiful yard-long fabric swatches I saw and fell in love with at a fabric store in Cartagena. I could have bought everything in that store- the patterns, the colors, the textures. These swatches are huge, and I love them that way! I actually have worn them as scarves, shawls, etc. I even used one as a blanket on the airplane! They add so much life to any drab, fuuuuhhhh-reezing winter ensemble. I plan to finish their edging at my girlfriend's studio to create a more refined look since their edges are simply rough-cut. Although, maybe I won't. I think they look pretty fab as is. Sparks!

As I landed in New York, I kept thinking to myself, "Oh my gosh, I have this suitcase FULL of beautiful warm-weather wear in the most beautiful colors and patterns ever...and Holy shnikes! It's freezing! What about my wedges? Where's my coat? Gloves? Snow boots?" Totally 180 degrees from where I had just been a few hours prior. But, like I mentioned about the fabric, I can strategically accessorize some of my cold-weather gear with a little Colombian flavor. Unfortunately, not all at once, but it does make the ever-elusive season of spring appeal to me that much more.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Color Me, Colombia--Part Dos.

...I told you.
This is the photographic embodiment of the ellipses when one temporarily concludes a story with "to be continued."
Shall we get on with it?
Feast your eyeballs upon the ooey gooey goodness of my own personal Colombia depicted in these rich, delicious photographs.
Another example of the architecture of the "Old City" district. Pictured directly below, a church, which didn't actually seem to be currently holding mass. Traditional and aesthetically speaking, lovely, but somewhat dilapidated. I think I  find this blatant yet silent fight against renovation one of the most captivating qualities about Cartagena.
Bustling for the majority of the day, I admire the tradition of the siesta in order to remove one's self from the chaos. New York City, take note! By royal decree, I order that all are mandated to snooze mid-afternoon in order to increase overall contentment and productivity. BAM.
These little bodegas and local cafes were another one of my favorite things about this city. They served as meeting halls for neighborhood friends and family to reconvene and share an Anguila, Colombia's reigning beer of choice, after the work day.  

Streetwalkers by night...and day.
These colors. This simplicity. It all works so effortlessly.
It's difficult to see, but I was walking, channeling by former-gymnast-self, on one of the highest, most narrow, most dangerous portions of the infamous "Old City" wall, which was actually constructed in the 1600s by Spanish conquistadors to ward off ship attacks from the waterfront about two hundred feet beyond its edge. My point is, it's high and clearly uneven and unsafe. About halfway across, I realized that consuming about two glasses of wine beforehand was an incredibly stupid decision in conjunction with attempting to undertake this challenge of personal balance and focus.
One tequila, two tequila, DANCE.
Now, go DO.

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