Saturday, February 2, 2013

Color Me, Colombia--Part Dos.

...I told you.
This is the photographic embodiment of the ellipses when one temporarily concludes a story with "to be continued."
Shall we get on with it?
Feast your eyeballs upon the ooey gooey goodness of my own personal Colombia depicted in these rich, delicious photographs.
Another example of the architecture of the "Old City" district. Pictured directly below, a church, which didn't actually seem to be currently holding mass. Traditional and aesthetically speaking, lovely, but somewhat dilapidated. I think I  find this blatant yet silent fight against renovation one of the most captivating qualities about Cartagena.
Bustling for the majority of the day, I admire the tradition of the siesta in order to remove one's self from the chaos. New York City, take note! By royal decree, I order that all are mandated to snooze mid-afternoon in order to increase overall contentment and productivity. BAM.
These little bodegas and local cafes were another one of my favorite things about this city. They served as meeting halls for neighborhood friends and family to reconvene and share an Anguila, Colombia's reigning beer of choice, after the work day.  

Streetwalkers by night...and day.
These colors. This simplicity. It all works so effortlessly.
It's difficult to see, but I was walking, channeling by former-gymnast-self, on one of the highest, most narrow, most dangerous portions of the infamous "Old City" wall, which was actually constructed in the 1600s by Spanish conquistadors to ward off ship attacks from the waterfront about two hundred feet beyond its edge. My point is, it's high and clearly uneven and unsafe. About halfway across, I realized that consuming about two glasses of wine beforehand was an incredibly stupid decision in conjunction with attempting to undertake this challenge of personal balance and focus.
One tequila, two tequila, DANCE.
Now, go DO.

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