Sunday, February 10, 2013

Pencils and Needles- NYFW.

The time has come--
For one and all.

   The in famous week has arrived, dearest readers, whether you realize it or not. You might be better off, not wholly understanding the stress and rushing, rushing, rushing chaos that this crucial time entails.

This year, I am working with such a creative team of inspiring individuals at Style Defined NYC, and for the woman who created this incredible publication of everything stylish in New York--director, the wizard of streetsyle herself, Katya Moorman. *
*On a sidenote: Working with others--those who work, live, and breathe creation with something from deep inside the spirit and soul, almost as if ingrained---well, that's rare to find, and even more amazing to collaborate with. It's the holy grail. Finding work doing something that lights your soul on fire. Typically, we are all forced to choose between inner fulfillment/expressive release and steady work/surviving/thriving. And plainly, that sucks. Don't you agree? Can't we just chase these dreams of ours and still be able to keep food in our mouths and a roof, even a small roof of a tiny apartment building here in New York City, over our heads? Oh, the artists' plight! I suppose it's laughably cliche. The struggling life of the creative---where is the balanced universe where we can possess it all? I'm searching desperately, I do know that.

This week we all know and revere, even worship and simultaneously dread, NEW YORK FASHION WEEK, appropriately abbreviated like everything else in life, NYFW, began  for me on Wednesday with the Organic by John Patrick show at 10:30 a.m.
Organic by John Patrick A/W 2013- Epic final look--screaming pink nylon mini shift dress.
    Back to the central topic, though--Fashion shows, presentations, events, parties, celebrations, music sets, and any other excuse to corral a bunch of stylish, great looking people who revel in meticulous design and social settings, fill each and every day, night, morning during this week. It's a marathon. So, I laced up my tennis shoes-figuratively, of course (come on!)-to prevail.

Vaute presentation--100% vegan and cruelty-free ready-to-wear line by Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart.
Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart herself, posing for the massive amount of press present.
Whether I'm running down the street in wedges or hailing a cab, breathlessly trying to race to another show before it commences (and to swipe a complimentary cupcake or coconut water they're serving to the audience), I'm constantly overwhelmed by the one million reminders I have beeping on my phone, filling the pages in my planner, and sprinting through this 'ole hollow head over here. It's worth it, though.

Kimberly Ovitz A/W 2013
Who are we kidding? I'm not going to pretend like I still, even after all of these years, don't find this all enthralling. There's always something extraordinarily attractive about the anticipation of chaos. Beautiful chaos.

It's a lot. This week is both wonderfully exciting but also such an enormous production, in every sense. But, alas, there is a glitter trim! You won't be left alone. I will be posting links to my work, reviews, and streetsyle snapshots on Style Defined NYC , so we can all participate together--I need a few partners in crime.

Enjoy the delicious display of art. Wearable art. It's pretty incredible what people can do with a pencil and a needle. Two of the tiniest tools we as humans have invented. But, two of the most influential and powerful of all time. The pencil and the needle. Ponder for a second. Heavy, huh?

Kimberly Ovitz A/W 2013 finale
(I was also sitting two rows from Anna Wintour of VOGUE...two rows. Yes.)

Bottom line:
Look ravishing.
Feel extraordinary.
Create something, anything that makes your heart swell--babies, haikus, lasagna from scratch, whatever gets your blood pumping. Pulse, pulse, pulse.
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