Sunday, March 31, 2013

What I Wore: Working (in) the West Village


Olivia and the Multicolored Necklace...
And Orange Dress...
And Red Bag...

Today, was a colorful day, clearly.

1. Tangerine Orange Knee-Length Dress- Zachary's Smile
I tied it with the sash and bloused the top portion up. I actually enjoy purchasing oversized dresses with this in mind. I like that shape for daywear. Blouse-y on top...smaller on the bottom portion. Yes, thank you.

2. Tan Suede Ankle Boots-Cole Haan

3. Black Trench Coat with Faux Fur Collar-Kenneth Cole

4. Fruit-Punch Red Shoulder Bag with Ipad Back Pocket and Gold Chain Hardware-
Diane VonFurstenberg  

5. Multicolored beaded necklace-Handmade in Colombia (purchased there)

6. Cream Oversized Cateye Sunglasses- Chloe

So, truth be told, I debated about the title of this post.
It was planned to be centered around the fact that it is Good Friday. But, I kept's another Good Friday...
I'm keeping today about things other than the fact that it is considered a holiday, by many, in terms of posting. I'll post more in a few days, I swear, acknowledging this day, this time period, etc. Speaking of, it truly is a time when and where people are alive with emotion and feeling, isn't it? It's beautiful in that aspect, despite the weather, the cultural and political climate, etc. People are feeling something in the air, whether it is a cold they've received from the constant weather changes and the approach of spring pollen or it is truly something religious or even some part of this whole "spring cleaning" theory.
I like it.
I mean,
Baby, I like it.
I like it!


1. Zachary's Smile Shift Dress
Unfortunately, they do not offer an online store

2. Cole Haan Ankle Boots

3. Kenneth Cole Trench
Also, a similar option at a fantastic price, HERE on Overstock

4. Diane Von Furstenberg Harper Connect Red Leather Bag
Second option HERE on Bluefly

5. Chloe Cateye Sunglasses
Second discounted option HERE on Bluefly

Why pay more...when you don't have to, right?

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Visual Creature:

These kinds of girls...
Ice Skate.
I snapped these photos-- creepily, I might add-- near Bryant Park. Take a look. Frankly, I found it amusing, surprising and even extremely charming that this group of five women, five nuns were all leaving the ice skating rink there at the park, personal ice skates in hand. They each own their own ice skates, apparently. I kept thinking, how often do nuns really ice skate? I don't own ice skates. But then again, I enjoy the one, at most-two, obligatory winter ice skating sessions here in New York at Rockefeller or Central Park or some other typical holiday tourist destination. But, these women perhaps frequent the rinks more often.
Fascinating, right?

They just might be those kinds of girls also.
Who would have thought?


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hurts so good.


We all have them. The good, the bad, and the very, very shameful and ugly. Good for me? Well, I run. Typically, between six and ten miles as many days of the week as possible. My bad? I bite my nails, evident in my previous post about the divine shade of blood orange. I'm 26, and I can't stop. Not a good look. My really ugly? Please, like I'd really dish out all of that information with you.

Moving on.

   In case you've been living under a rock or somewhere rural or terrible or out-of-touch, and need even more confirmation that Amazon is indeed taking over the world, I will introduce to you one of their newest contributions to the online world...
    It's just that, sadly. I've been growing weary, cautious, and even annoyed at the insane amount of these flash-sale sites...etcetera, etcetera. There are thousands of new ones daily, hourly, it seems. They all offer similar things. And things I'm over. I don't want those things. Well, most of them. But, Amazon created their very own fashion-focused flash-sale site. Indeed, I am impressed when typically, I simply yawn these days and delete my shopping emails without even blinking, much less opening them. They're offering desirable brands at wonderful prices, but be warned: they have a very, VERY, limited quantity of each item. Often, as soon as I begin browsing, almost everything has been scooped up and bought out entirely. Maybe that's why I love and am quite certainly close to becoming addicted to this site. It is desirable, like I mentioned. Their items are. Their prices are. Double trouble for yours truly. This is a recipe for addiction.
Just look at my most recent purchase:
1. Dolce Vita electric blue suede wedges, also previous featured in my post "What I Wore: East Side"
2. Vince Camuto patent peach wedges with woven and embroidered heels
     I believe that both of these pairs of shoes are current-season styles by their designers, which is rare for many of these sale sites to offer. Secondly, each pair was roughly 50% off. Just in time for warmer weather! Come on, New York. We think we can, we think we can. MYHabit offers new sales almost daily, and they range from children's to home to mid-range designers to high-end. There's almost certainly something for every price range, every taste. They featured Tom Ford sunglasses and then an entire range of designer swimwear, which included Norma Komali. Mhmm. See now?

And one problem gives birth to another:
I need more closet space.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Currently Crushing-

And there will be blood...


And this bloody blood orange is the lucky winner, winner of my affection.
For the time being, of course.
A lady keeps her options...and mind open.

This juicy lovechild of fruit-punch-red and tangerine has stolen my heart. It's intense. It's bold. It's not quite so expected. And shockingly, it's not quite as grandmother-ish as we all always tend to associate. Here, on my lips, the bold, matte, red-orange So Chaud by MAC, and the color-match on my nails, Geranium by Essie. Speaking of nails, quit eyeing my tiny ones and mentally making fun of them. Yes, I bite them. Yes, they talk about me at the nail salon. I get it. I'm gross and unladylike, according to my mother, sisters, and so-called friends. Thank you, everyone.
Back to color now:
It's absolutely not bound to beauty products, though, as much as I'm adoring it in that sense. Shoes, bags, jackets, scarves, pants,, hello, fruity-tooty gorgeousness! Also, fruity-tooty is the worst phrase ever, by the way, with the exception of this particular connotation. I'm not kidding. Don't use it unless you're singing that oldies hitsong after throwing back one too many cocktails at a terrible karaoke bar in Koreatown or when singing along with your grandmother to her mixtapes.
Blood orange--
Yes, sir. I'll take the entire basket. And, although I sincerely detest writers, magazines, and irritating amateurs who just gush about "everything being so perfect for spring!", this would be my choice, under the gun, if something could embody that perfection in such a delectable, original way.
Pink shmink, what?
 Shop and bop and stuff...
you know this girl right here LOVES a good deal:

1. Lips:
Shopping Note: MAC cosmetics are actually much cheaper through their site or in-store than through alternate makeup sites or most online deals.
2. Nails:

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Historically Speaking: NYC Born and Bred

Quick, history buffs--

Who of the United States Presidents were born in New York City proper?

"Speak softly, and carry a big stick."
(one of my personal favorite quotes of all time, by the way)

   Just one, actually. Four were born in New York State, but only one, the legendary Theodore Roosevelt was born in and continued to call New York City his home. The man, the adventurer, the politician, the scientist, the philosopher, the researcher, the mastermind, the president...was labeled the nickname Teddy. What a sweet name for such a figure who aggressively and progressively championed hard work, endurance and knowledge.

Teddy Roosevelt quotes, T. Rex, Theodore Roosevelt, Teddy Roosevelt house and museum New York City, NYC free museum, New York free activities and museums, historical sites of New York City, US President born in NYC, only United States president born in New York City, historical landmarks Gramercy, Gramercy neighborhood New York, Teddy Roosevelt tours, tour old houses New York  TR's birthplace on East 20th street in Gramercy, between Park and Fifth Avenue, was restored to--what most of his family and historians together agree--its original state, gathering up much of the Roosevelt family's furniture, art, and familial possessions as well as other antique period pieces similar to the original furnishings. A great deal of time, money, and effort has been pumped into this National Historic Site. You can peruse the official Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace online if you so feel inclined.
    I've been in before, browsed the small downstairs gallery, perused the library of books on anything Teddy Roosevelt-related, and even seen the video the park rangers show on TD, which was the nickname given to him by family during childhood. It's a cool place, to say the least, and many New Yorkers have absolutely no clue that it exists. And, yes...duh, duh, is free. Free! Unfortunately, I have missed the guided tour a few times (they also do NOT allow self-guided tours), because the park rangers are extremely strict on tour start-times, and well, I am almost always late. Today, though, the weather was actually that of a lovely spring day! Our very first here, considering two days ago, it snowed all day, and my ears felt like they were going to break off of my small head. Today, after strolling around the active city on a much-needed warmer Saturday, I attended the 4 p.m. tour.

"Only those who are fit to live do not fear to die. And none are fit to die who have shrunk from the joy of life and the duty of life. Both life and death are parts of the same great adventure."
– Theodore Roosevelt

    Again, let me reiterate, the free-ness of this museum. It's phenomenal and such an incredible resource in a city that charges, ahem- overcharges, for absolutely everything and anything. It costs me twenty dollars to walk out of the lobby of my apartment building. Seriously. They should just construct a toll booth outside of my door.
    The fact that so many wonderful, unique, entertaining, and interesting opportunities and places exist and for free in not only New York City, but so many other cities as well is, depressingly, unbeknownst to many. Most people, in fact. To learn of these, it takes some digging and some effort, and time is not something that many of us possess in excess, eh? Am I right, or am I right?
   Anyway, I learned some new facts about one of our most intelligent and strong-willed presidents, and I saw some pretty fascinating pieces of history. I'm feeling pretty content with Saturday right now.
Teddy Roosevelt quotes, T. Rex, Theodore Roosevelt, Teddy Roosevelt house and museum New York City, NYC free museum, New York free activities and museums, historical sites of New York City, US President born in NYC, only United States president born in New York City, historical landmarks Gramercy, Gramercy neighborhood New York, Teddy Roosevelt tours, tour old houses New York      Also, in a bit of trivia, did you know that Theodore Roosevelt was the victim of an assassination attempt? I, myself, was unaware! On October 14, 1912, in Milwaukee, Roosevelt was shot as he stood in an open car. Speaking of, open cars are clearly a bad idea for celebrities and politicians. Come on, people. Roosevelt, in a testament to his renowned strength of character, stuffed a handkerchief over the wound and then proceeded to speak for an hour and a half in front of a packed townhall. The bullet penetrated his right side, short of his lung, but it was mostly absorbed by his heavy overcoat, a double-folded 50-page manuscript of his speech, and his metal eye glass case. In the Theodore Roosevelt birthplace, they have those items displayed on the wall, and insanely, you can view the bullet holes in each item. See the image on the left, please. I'd say that Teddy Roosevelt proved his place in the Bull Moose party, fittingly, right then and there that day in Milwaukee.

    I'll end this post with another appropriate quote by the man himself and my own words of wisdom. Meh, something like that. Darling, get out there and do something. Stroll, and see where it takes you. I'm almost always shocked and simultaneously delighted at what I find when I choose to venture out. I'm feeling more cultured already, now that I think about it, bwaha.

"Get action. Seize the moment. Man was never intended to become an oyster."
-Theodore Roosevelt

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Visual Creature: Sharpie.

Bar bathroom door in the East Village.
Truth finds us in the oddest, most unexpected moments, eh?

On a sidenote:
    I've been distant from quite a bit in life, not simply just this blog, but many people, places, and things, since my grandfather's passing. I was able to buy a last-minute flight to Memphis and attend the funeral with all of my other family members who also had driven hundreds of miles and flown in from all around the country. I'm grateful for that. We, as humans, need those moments in which we grieve, say goodbye, and then appreciate and celebrate the life and the love. With that in mind, when I returned to New York, I began to isolate a bit, pondering my own role in life as well as my relationships.
    This quote, which scrawled on a dingy door, most likely from some highly-intoxicated patron, hit me. Normally, bathroom quotes are cheesy sayings scribbled hastily on by some self-righteous wannabe philosopher who feels like sharing all of their wisdom with those who desperately run to the lou to relieve themselves. But, in this case, I read it and paused for a few minutes. Then, whipped out my phone, of course. Naturally. Love has a face. It has a place. And for me, love's face is the combination of my family members and friends, who all...are essentially family. Love is family. Family is love.

    Take a moment to squeeze someone's hand a little tighter. To send an email, a text, or a hand-written letter or phone call, if you have the time. We're all short on time, these days, but thirty seconds can change your mindset, your attitude, your thoughts, and even a little tingle in your chest. Thirty seconds. It seems like so little, but something to tiny, so brief, like the time it takes blow your nose or check your inbox--I realize the soapbox nature of this, but I'm speaking to myself as well when I type this. Take thirty seconds for whatever you love today. Who? What? Whatever it is, Give it thirty. Have you ever heard of people regretting the time they spent on those things that filled their heart?

Friday, March 1, 2013

What I Wore: East Side

"Never be bored, and you will never be boring."
-Eleanor Roosevelt
Still wrapping up some spring New York Fashion Week 2013 loose ends, I've been either crouching behind a laptop screen or running around the city. Running being the key word in that sentence. I want to look presentable, cool, but also to not feel like I want to chop my feet or arms or any other body part of mine. My outfits need to take me from morning to night...both figuratively and literally. But, never fear some colorful and textured pieces.
Never bored. Never boring, dear.
That's a promise.
Free People cheetah faux-fur jacket.
Chaser Journey slouchy tee.
Hermes black belt with hammered silver signature buckle.
Paige denim black cropped jeans.
Longchamp fuchsia crocodile double-strapped satchel.
Dolce Vita electric, screaming-blue suede, wedges.
(Come on, I'm from Memphis. I simply had to go there.)
Strap on some wedges
(preferably in a super unexpected shade or pattern),
beat it.
"A little drama wins more friends than boring."
-Scott Westerfeld

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