Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Currently Crushing-

And there will be blood...


And this bloody blood orange is the lucky winner, winner of my affection.
For the time being, of course.
A lady keeps her options...and mind open.

This juicy lovechild of fruit-punch-red and tangerine has stolen my heart. It's intense. It's bold. It's not quite so expected. And shockingly, it's not quite as grandmother-ish as we all always tend to associate. Here, on my lips, the bold, matte, red-orange So Chaud by MAC, and the color-match on my nails, Geranium by Essie. Speaking of nails, quit eyeing my tiny ones and mentally making fun of them. Yes, I bite them. Yes, they talk about me at the nail salon. I get it. I'm gross and unladylike, according to my mother, sisters, and so-called friends. Thank you, everyone.
Back to color now:
It's absolutely not bound to beauty products, though, as much as I'm adoring it in that sense. Shoes, bags, jackets, scarves, pants,, hello, fruity-tooty gorgeousness! Also, fruity-tooty is the worst phrase ever, by the way, with the exception of this particular connotation. I'm not kidding. Don't use it unless you're singing that oldies hitsong after throwing back one too many cocktails at a terrible karaoke bar in Koreatown or when singing along with your grandmother to her mixtapes.
Blood orange--
Yes, sir. I'll take the entire basket. And, although I sincerely detest writers, magazines, and irritating amateurs who just gush about "everything being so perfect for spring!", this would be my choice, under the gun, if something could embody that perfection in such a delectable, original way.
Pink shmink, what?
 Shop and bop and stuff...
you know this girl right here LOVES a good deal:

1. Lips:
Shopping Note: MAC cosmetics are actually much cheaper through their site or in-store than through alternate makeup sites or most online deals.
2. Nails:

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