Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hurts so good.


We all have them. The good, the bad, and the very, very shameful and ugly. Good for me? Well, I run. Typically, between six and ten miles as many days of the week as possible. My bad? I bite my nails, evident in my previous post about the divine shade of blood orange. I'm 26, and I can't stop. Not a good look. My really ugly? Please, like I'd really dish out all of that information with you.

Moving on.

   In case you've been living under a rock or somewhere rural or terrible or out-of-touch, and need even more confirmation that Amazon is indeed taking over the world, I will introduce to you one of their newest contributions to the online world...
    It's just that, sadly. I've been growing weary, cautious, and even annoyed at the insane amount of these flash-sale sites...etcetera, etcetera. There are thousands of new ones daily, hourly, it seems. They all offer similar things. And things I'm over. I don't want those things. Well, most of them. But, Amazon created their very own fashion-focused flash-sale site. Indeed, I am impressed when typically, I simply yawn these days and delete my shopping emails without even blinking, much less opening them. They're offering desirable brands at wonderful prices, but be warned: they have a very, VERY, limited quantity of each item. Often, as soon as I begin browsing, almost everything has been scooped up and bought out entirely. Maybe that's why I love and am quite certainly close to becoming addicted to this site. It is desirable, like I mentioned. Their items are. Their prices are. Double trouble for yours truly. This is a recipe for addiction.
Just look at my most recent purchase:
1. Dolce Vita electric blue suede wedges, also previous featured in my post "What I Wore: East Side"
2. Vince Camuto patent peach wedges with woven and embroidered heels
     I believe that both of these pairs of shoes are current-season styles by their designers, which is rare for many of these sale sites to offer. Secondly, each pair was roughly 50% off. Just in time for warmer weather! Come on, New York. We think we can, we think we can. MYHabit offers new sales almost daily, and they range from children's to home to mid-range designers to high-end. There's almost certainly something for every price range, every taste. They featured Tom Ford sunglasses and then an entire range of designer swimwear, which included Norma Komali. Mhmm. See now?

And one problem gives birth to another:
I need more closet space.

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