Sunday, March 3, 2013

Visual Creature: Sharpie.

Bar bathroom door in the East Village.
Truth finds us in the oddest, most unexpected moments, eh?

On a sidenote:
    I've been distant from quite a bit in life, not simply just this blog, but many people, places, and things, since my grandfather's passing. I was able to buy a last-minute flight to Memphis and attend the funeral with all of my other family members who also had driven hundreds of miles and flown in from all around the country. I'm grateful for that. We, as humans, need those moments in which we grieve, say goodbye, and then appreciate and celebrate the life and the love. With that in mind, when I returned to New York, I began to isolate a bit, pondering my own role in life as well as my relationships.
    This quote, which scrawled on a dingy door, most likely from some highly-intoxicated patron, hit me. Normally, bathroom quotes are cheesy sayings scribbled hastily on by some self-righteous wannabe philosopher who feels like sharing all of their wisdom with those who desperately run to the lou to relieve themselves. But, in this case, I read it and paused for a few minutes. Then, whipped out my phone, of course. Naturally. Love has a face. It has a place. And for me, love's face is the combination of my family members and friends, who all...are essentially family. Love is family. Family is love.

    Take a moment to squeeze someone's hand a little tighter. To send an email, a text, or a hand-written letter or phone call, if you have the time. We're all short on time, these days, but thirty seconds can change your mindset, your attitude, your thoughts, and even a little tingle in your chest. Thirty seconds. It seems like so little, but something to tiny, so brief, like the time it takes blow your nose or check your inbox--I realize the soapbox nature of this, but I'm speaking to myself as well when I type this. Take thirty seconds for whatever you love today. Who? What? Whatever it is, Give it thirty. Have you ever heard of people regretting the time they spent on those things that filled their heart?

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