Saturday, March 23, 2013

Visual Creature:

These kinds of girls...
Ice Skate.
I snapped these photos-- creepily, I might add-- near Bryant Park. Take a look. Frankly, I found it amusing, surprising and even extremely charming that this group of five women, five nuns were all leaving the ice skating rink there at the park, personal ice skates in hand. They each own their own ice skates, apparently. I kept thinking, how often do nuns really ice skate? I don't own ice skates. But then again, I enjoy the one, at most-two, obligatory winter ice skating sessions here in New York at Rockefeller or Central Park or some other typical holiday tourist destination. But, these women perhaps frequent the rinks more often.
Fascinating, right?

They just might be those kinds of girls also.
Who would have thought?


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