Friday, March 1, 2013

What I Wore: East Side

"Never be bored, and you will never be boring."
-Eleanor Roosevelt
Still wrapping up some spring New York Fashion Week 2013 loose ends, I've been either crouching behind a laptop screen or running around the city. Running being the key word in that sentence. I want to look presentable, cool, but also to not feel like I want to chop my feet or arms or any other body part of mine. My outfits need to take me from morning to night...both figuratively and literally. But, never fear some colorful and textured pieces.
Never bored. Never boring, dear.
That's a promise.
Free People cheetah faux-fur jacket.
Chaser Journey slouchy tee.
Hermes black belt with hammered silver signature buckle.
Paige denim black cropped jeans.
Longchamp fuchsia crocodile double-strapped satchel.
Dolce Vita electric, screaming-blue suede, wedges.
(Come on, I'm from Memphis. I simply had to go there.)
Strap on some wedges
(preferably in a super unexpected shade or pattern),
beat it.
"A little drama wins more friends than boring."
-Scott Westerfeld

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