Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Found: In Flori-da-dee-da

 No trip is entirely complete for me without checking out what the local stores are touting. To be honest, I don't really consider my personal style super "beachy" or "carefree." But, I decided to really bring out the big guns, it is Florida, after all, and I doused myself in color again, as you can see.

What I Wore:
Shopping in St. Armand's Circle

Immersed in this haven of shops, restaurants, cafes, and galleries in St. Armand's Key in the Sarasota Bay, I even surprised myself by connecting with several items I found.

1. Yellow, red and purple color splattered knee-length dress by Motel Rocks
2. Lemon-yellow large MAC Daddy shoulder bag by Rebecca Minkoff
3. Mint green ankle-strap wedges by Matiko

And, speaking of...

I adore the brand Matiko. I place them in the Jeffrey Campbell, Sam Edelman, Dolce Vita category. Stylish, well-made, and not too pricey, in terms of label and design recognition. These Matiko Amazee black and yellow chunky heels are on my WISH--no, NEED, list. Best of all? On sale for $111.99 HERE on www.6pm.com, which has TONS of designer and name brand apparel, accessories, etc. ON SALE. Yes, discounts and sales are good. Or, just click HERE to peruse a huge array of Matiko styles.

What We Found in Sarasota:

I was loving this Funktional blue sheer and chiffon low-to-high dress with tiny color blocks, bottom left, as well as these lemon-yellow leather oxford platforms, right).

I wasn't supposed to buy anything.
 Really. Really, I'm telling you.


 I was doing so well--But, I am guilty. I ended up with a few items, though. It was against the Analili, ended up about 70% off. Surprisingly, it's actually spandex and polyester. Who said polyester should be left in the past? The seventies ruled.  Designed in Miami, Analili produces some fantastic frocks. All comfortable, easily wearable, and chic. This photo is actually of the back of the dress. I love showing off the back in a dress. But, you could also wear this extreme-deep-V in the front as well, especially if you are as small-chested as I am. Either way? Even better.

Shopping was supposed to be against my self-imposed rules, but hey! I didn't break the bank, since several of my items were marked down. This girl right here knows a good deal when she sees one, OK? This dress (right), by
And below:
1. Isola lime-green snakeskin flat sandals I wore in "What I Wore: Sunset in Sarasota,"
2. Blood-orange elastic skullhead bracelet
3. Lucky Girl metallic elastic ribbon hair ties (they actually look presentable on your wrist and stay tangle-free in your hair)
4. James Jeans Coal Brown Twiggy leather finished jeans--they're a fabulous brown/black-ish color, and look similar to worn-in, faded leather pants (On Sale) 
5. Big Star grey and black leopard skinny jeans (On sale)
6. Roxy Orange cut-off beach shorts 
After my recent fits, I am on hiatus...detoxing, if you will, from shopping. Spring saving is in the works. With the combination of several of my newest finds and the existing trendy and also classic apparel and accessories already in my closet,
I'm good to go...
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