Wednesday, April 24, 2013


"My heart thump, not from being nervous
Sometimes I'm thinking God made me special here on purpose
So all the while 'til I'm gone make my words important so
If I slip away, if I die today the last thing you remember won't
Be about some apple bottom jeans with the boots with the fur."
-Kid Cudi's "The Prayer"

Kid Cudi is...was?...great. He wrote some pretty interesting and even poetic, perhaps, lyrics that carried some wisdom in addition to his catchy beats. I don't listen to much hip-hop or rap, but I'm into the Kid. I'm into this whole song, even more so after a few years.

This prayer may not be recorded in any Holy books or sang by a crowd of polished loafers and silk robes to the tune of an organ, but a subway bench makes as fine of a church pew as any.
Finer, on most of my days.

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