Monday, April 8, 2013

Right Now: "Yeah" and "Meh"

In an effort to continue my quest to consciously remain grateful,
I will begin today with a short--
Well, it began shorter than it ended, and I suppose that's another grand thing in itself--

Gratitude List. the pool.
Warm Florida sunshine
Clear, cool water
White sand
Outdoor activities
Bridge jogs and morning bike rides
The adoration from a fox named Blanche
Family members' support and equally powerful criticism
My higher power
My writing, which is my daily sanity, hope, and passion

And onward with the lists--


People, places and things on my mind, body, face, and playlist today at this very moment. Tomorrow? you ask.
We'll see.

1. Bicycles.
Adorable, sporty, chic bikes bikes bikes.

I love this baby blue Huffy beach cruiser
I had the pleasure of roaming around on recently.

2. Outdoor activities that are both leisurely as well as athletic...

Being active is, without a doubt, stylish, but enjoying the process is nirvana.
Kayaking, hiking, paddle boating, midnight strolls, even.

3. Color, color everywhere!
Drinks, shoes, lips. All, please.
4. Trench Coats
Khaki, black, red, yellow, whatever. Timelessly functional.
5. Def Leppard and Van Halen
booming through the speakers and out of the open windows.
Nothing yells summer quite like..."PANAMA! PANAMA-AHHHH!"
A personal favorite, Def Leppard's "Animal"

6. Oysters Galore!
It's always OysterFest in This Kind of Girl's world--
Raw, Rockefeller...and my newest obsession- Blue and Buffalo.

7. "Whores' Glory"- The Documentary
A completely non-judgmental but gripping documentary of sex workers around the world...depicted as complex and more fascinatingly, dynamic individuals.
Read MORE about it HERE.


People, Places and Things that I'm just not that into.
No hate, just not great.
Therefore, mehhhhh.

 1. Ketchup
Sriracha and guacamole will always be more victorious...more interesting and more nutritious. Sucker!

2. Puffer Jackets
I don't hate them. I understand that they're warm and serve many of us cold weather folks quite well. I just...Meh.

3. Straighteners
I'm over them. Some people need them, and that's fine too. My straightener and I broke up about a year ago. He's been banished to the cabinet beneath the sink.

4. Bejeweled Electronics
Yawn. I don't understand.
Not for me.
5. Jennifer Lopez
I was down with Jenny from the block.
I was. Nowadays? Meh.
6. Barbie Pink Lipstick
*EXCEPTION TO "YEAH, HECK YEAH" 's "Colors Everywhere!"
Frosty Barbie pink.
There's so much to dislike in that string of words.
In my mind, this lip color conjures up creepy images of Nicki Minaj wearing something absurd as well as porn stars with cheap makeup. Neither are fresh nor funky.

7. Cantelope
Really, fruit cup? That's all you've got?
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