Friday, April 5, 2013

Stylishly grateful.

Well, well, well.
Greetings from Sarasota, Florida.
I'm on holiday and thanking my lucky stars.
Or JetBlue, at least.

Most importantly, lookie here who finally has a new laptop! Yes, blog friends, it is a devastatingly dark day when you yawn, grab a mug of tea and open up your laptop to peruse emails and perhaps do a bit of writing and....oh, holy moly! The screen is white with technicolor stripes!


That's about how my last Saturday morning went down. I needed to mourn the loss. I was in a state of denial, and then, the real grieving process began. But, I've emerged once again from a crisis. Laptop, sitting on the patio table, as I enjoy this beautiful Floridian sunshine.
I am grateful...and not simply because I now own a new lovely and working, I might add, device to whip up some inspiring prose on in order to deliver my wisdom to the masses. No, there's much more. Much more.
As I'm watching the trees sway back and forth at this very moment, I am feeling very lucky. I need to experience this more often. Too often, I am stressed and completely overwhelmed and overstimulated by the New York daily grind to stop and breathe and feel. But, not, when I take a step back, I am flooded with gratitude. According to Psychology Today, "Studies show that gratitude not only can be deliberately cultivated but can increase levels of well-being and happiness among those who  do cultivate it.  In addition, grateful thinking—and especially expression of it to others—is associated with increased levels of energy, optimism, and empathy."

Katya, herself, Courtesy of StyleDefinedNYC.
I am grateful to have the opportunity to write, interact with other creative individuals, and encounter so many unique, complex, often-odd, and brilliant people in my everyday life--whether they are indeed my own close friends and family, strangers on the street, acquaintances, or work and art-related folks, I am truly floored by the beauty that people create with their hands, hearts, minds, words, paint, fabric, etc. It's a pleasure, to say the least.

Most recently, I have had the opportunity to work alongside the incredibly-cool Katya Moorman, the founder and woman behind StyleDefinedNYC---Yes, I've given her a shout-out (LOUD!) on here before, in reference to some of our New York Fashion Week antics in pursuit of stylish collaborations. She's a talented and funky lady, who I am delighted to have worked with and plan to continue doing so, thank you.  

And, speaking of, our mini-StyleDefinedNYC crew celebrated Katya's birthday at Rose Bar at the Gramercy Park Hotel recently with a petite soiree, and we followed it up with a bit of an after party at the infamous Blind Barber in the East Village. Check out Katya's birthday post, while you're at it, HERE.

Sophia Lamar, Adrian Ramos, myself, Niko Liakaris, Katya Moorman, Lea Diaz, and Richie Moo

Champagne toasts, of course. Heck, I'll celebrate just about anything you'd like, since it usually accompanies champagne! Here, here! Cheers to another day!
I enjoy working with this particular group of creative not solely because they're all incredibly good looking and stylish...Ha. But, really, fabulous times with fabulous minds. That's the ultimate satisfaction for me, and I believe that we will all be collaborating again soon to deliver even more devilishly delicious STYLE that is wholly and wonderfully New York.

I'd continue on, dears, but the beach and the whole "sand between your toes" and "coconut drink-in-hand" concept is beckoning me to the Sarasota Beach Club.

Give some thought as to why you're lucky today, right at this very moment.

Tomorrow, let's talk it over.
 I'll show you mine--my list, of course--if you show me yours.
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