Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What I Wore: Sunset in Sarasota

Sunsets in Florida consist of oysters, fresh fish, champagne, sangria, and fabulous conversation in casual, comfortable the pool, by the beach, on roof decks, and on porches while we
soak in the unquestionable natural beauty of the spring season.

Just two weeks ago, snow poured down from the sky in New York. Spring? What spring? Well, she appeared to me this weekend, finally. It was mild in Florida--think 70 degrees to low 80s with cool evenings. Translation: It was the perfect balance--not hot but not cold.

Anyway,  I don't in any way consider myself or my own look "beachy" or "surfer," ever, meaning I simply just don't connect or identify with any of those terms. Personally or stylistically speaking. But, I did attempt to play up the Floridian color scheme and vibe, perhaps, and with my own signature flare. Maybe it was a bit "retired senior citizen living in a golf course in Naples," but eh, I'm okay with that.
When in Rome....
I mean, Naples...
St. Petersburg...
Florida. Ha.

 Again, I have quite a few kooky old lady habits and traits.  We all know this. It's universally understood. It's fine. I like it.

1. Khaki trench coat with lime green lining by Gap
2. Color-blocked extra large double strapped tote by Kate Spade
3. Teal blue mini-shift dress with multi-colored beading by French Connection
4. Lime Green t-strap flat sandals by Isola
5. Blood Orange lipstick by MAC Cosmetics in "So Chaud"
And, guess what? 
When I returned to New York, Spring clearly had snuck into my carry-on and made the trek back up north with me.
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