Sunday, May 5, 2013

Currently Crushing-

Fierce statements...
Image via
and particularly, these,
Giuseppe Zanotti
"This girl is on fiiiiiiiiiire."

Enchanting, I tell you. I am googly-eyed in love.


    I initially viewed these Giuseppe Zanotti works of art in the Bergdorf Goodman's catalog, of which I was leisurely flipping through on the 7th floor of the Holy Place itself, in my beloved BG CafĂ©. I was indulging in a bit of alone time, overlooking Central Park and oogling the fabulous ladies lunching and presence of style (and extreme wealth, for that matter).
In addition to being carried by Bergdorf's, I did find these metal-embellished suede wedges online, HERE, at Net-a-Porter, for the mere price of $1,695. Although these are unfortunately and most definitely not in my budget (unlike my company of doyennes at Bergdorf's), I plan to wait and attempt to find them on consignment in a few months. Now that, I can work with.
Who said I couldn't grow wings and flutter down Fifth Avenue? On that day, I'll be demanding that you refer to me as the Doyenne of Williamsburg.
Statement pieces with interesting textures, unexpected colors, and embellishments are typically hit-or-miss. I love a good statement. Clearly. And a statement piece? These are the pieces that convey any number of messages from one person to the outside world.
I ask you, what's your message?
Do you know?
What all are you trying to say, in general? To yourself? To the cashier at Trader Joe's? To your boss? To the people you rush by on 34th street during lunch hour? And the rest of the sun worshipers in Central Park?
  And on that note--
What are your clothes saying about you?
Do they even represent you and your message(s) or purpose?
Do they scream? Or, are they silent?
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