Monday, May 13, 2013

Found: Prada Everyday Flats.

Nude shade with small cutouts and a small bow atop
Cute, girly but in a simple, classic style.
The devil isn't wearing these today,
thank goodness!
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on consignment at my local Crossroads Trading Company here in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, which re-sells anything from Forever 21 to Lanvin and Chanel. See if there's one near you. By the way, that's a command, not a suggestion.
Don't be jealous of these in particular, though, if you aren't in the New York area.
Go out and hunt these susceptible designer consignment finds! They're practically begging for new homes. And, the best part of it, is that all day, every single day, apparel and accessories are being added to the gang of possible prey.

Consignment stores accept new inventory as long as they're open, so there's always something new (and old!), to be searched for and found by us. Or, on the flip-side, you can sell your used items and make a bit of money for those things you no longer love or need. Some times, you just need to say, "ciao, baby!" Make some room in that closet for future finds. Spring cleaning benefits us all, whether you're the buyer or the seller, eh?
I like win/win scenarios.
Those are the odds of a game I'll play, thank you. 
Think of it as doing something honorable for your fellow, woman, whoever!
This process keeps fashion treasure seekers, like myself, running in a tizzy and always in "seek and destroy" mode. Ahhhhh, the thrill of the chase. I love a good thrill. My Bank of America account? Not so much. It's nauseous from all of the adrenaline rushes.
I say,
 pop a Pepto and deal with life like the rest of us.
Someone had pasted these "public surveys" on the brick walls of a few buildings in Soho.
Anyone could walk by and choose to write in their own personal answers to any of the prompts.
 I love that-- random and real talk!

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