Saturday, June 15, 2013

Life Lately in Snaps!

I've been in and out of touch lately in the Internet scene, because...well, I've been busy enjoying the real world. Exploring, walking, seeing, doing. Yep.
I'm a lady about town,
as we're all aware.  
But, if you will, I'm providing you with a little insight as to my daily life as of late via Instagram @MissOliviaClaire + EVEN MORE!

in a few snapshots.
Snaps, everyone!
 Seriously, snap your fingers now with me, before scrolling.

Instagram snaps, EDC festival, EDC NYC New York, Electric Daisy festival music, music festivals New York City
EDC New York (Electric Daisy Carnival) at Citifield Mets Stadium-
I went with friends who were either playing the electronic festival or who were in town with the tour itself, which also heads to Las Vegas and Chicago. It was nuts. Furry boots, neon everywhere, lots of people in tank tops, appearing to have the time of their lives. I realized that I definitely wasn't on Warped Tour anymore. My, how times have changed!
EDC-lights, confetti, people on stilts, and a LOT of tank tops.
Ivy and oysters in rooftop gardens.
McKittrick Hotel, Sleep No more show NYC New York, McKittrick hotel and bar, Gallow Green rooftop bar, New York City rooftop bars, oysters and rose on the roof
The talented photographer, Maxwell.
Rainbow bright...and Alex.  
I cringe when I hear the words, "it's showtime, everybody!" Cue my Ipod, please.
Alessandra Rivera, Alessandra Rivera milliner NYC, New York City hatmakers
Insider chats with my friend and incredibly-talented milliner, Alessandra Rivera.
Her hats are sick and custom-made, just like her.  
Brooklyn Bridge walks, walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, East River New York City bridge
Brooklyn Bridge strolls at sunset. Home.
Now, these babies are around town.  

Easter Vigil at St. Paul's Chapel, St. Paul's Chapel New York, NYC oldest chapels and churches, New York historical places, Easter Services in New York, church near twin towers
Candlelit vigil at St. Paul's Chapel, the oldest church building in Manhattan.
Yep, the emotion is palpable in this place...George Washington attended services here on the day of his inauguration in also housed 9/11 victims and workers, providing immediate support for its neighbors, the fallen Twin Towers in downtown Manhattan.
Keeping up with my New York City music and fashion scene reads.
Brunch, brunch and more brunch with friends who have been in town.
Yes, keep it dirty (martini).  
Beauty and Essex brunch, leopard and orange combination, meeting friends for brunch in NYC
Unintentional leopard +orange Sunday Funday in the Lower East Side.
Hell's Kitchen NYC, New York City rooftops, roof views Manhattan, NYC skyline rooftops, Hell's Kitchen midtown Manhattan New York
Hell's Kitchen rooftop sing-alongs with friends in the dark hours of night.
Central Park boathouse, boat house in the park New York, NYC parks and lakes, lakehouse in New York Central Park
Central Park quiet moments and lunches at the Boathouse, overlooking the lake.
 Dolce Vita loafers, acid yellow loafers, yellow Dolce Vita shoes, suede loafers with tassles, tassled flats shoes, Dolce Vita green flats
Thank God for Sunday (acid green!) loafers! Props, Dolce Vita.
Late night appreciation of the Hudson river views from Tribeca.  
Lobster, lobster, lobster.
Gratitude at the East River banks from my neighborhood, Williamsburg.
Afternoon hammock naps on my roof, with the Manhattan skyline lulling me into a deliriously content state.
"Broadway Inspirational Voices" concert in Harlem, listening as my friends sang their lungs out, touching every single soul in the room with their talents.
After the show, is the Harlem Tavern cast after-part-ayyy.
And more snaps to this BFF of mine, Robert, for such a beautiful TONY performance.
Wall flyers in SOHO. I like the interactive, DIY aspect.
Opinions, anyone? Write them in!
Painting class! Also, check out for social art classes
 held at restaurants and bars in cities across the USA. Fantastic concept to get the creative juices
and the conversation going, eh? A side of paint with your glass of rose!
Historic Grace Church.
East Village, built in 1846.
Powerful...and you can take a free audio tour. Score for education, history, religion, and architecture.

Finally made it to see some of my friends perform in their new "day jobs"
before this show gets even more insane after the TONYS exposure.
Talk about soul! Snaps to my buddies for their electrifying TONY performance as well.

Until next time,
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