Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Finds: StyleVisa Picks

It's Friday, Friday...
Gotta get _______ on Friday.

    I won't force you to sing that maddening song, but I will encourage you to get into Friday's Finds. In "Right Now in Five: July's Wrap-Up," I mentioned how much I loooooooove Paper Wings jewelry and so many of the other designers, featured on the one-stop-online-shop, StyleVisa, "your own passport to global design and culture." StyleVisa showcases a variety of cool creations- from home décor to accessories and gifts, but also, rare and unique items from all around the world. If you're seeking global taste or travel-inspired style, then you've found it here and without the TSA pat-down. I'm sure we could arrange for one, though, if you insist.
I could have gone on and on, choosing my favorite items from the site....for gifts, of course....and alright, alright, myself. But, the following selection represents the variety of interesting home and personal accessories StyleVisa has discovered, and thankfully, bundled together for us style hunters. This girl adores a little something out of the norm. I grow tired, irritated, and over seeing the same thing produced and reproduced in mass quantities on every person I know. It's refreshing to find something a bit different, and that's exactly what I'm constantly searching for. Cue online shopping and specialty stores--As evident by this site, international adventure lies at your fingertips. And, I know, I know...I shouldn't have to remind you that fall is just creeping around the corner (Wahoo! In my opinion), so the following should aid you in making the transition if you have difficulty wrapping your brain around changing out of your bikini  and into a cardigan. Put on your caps, and start thinking... gift guides!

StyleVisa Picks, Burlap rooster pillow, airplane pillow, burlap home décor, Scotch bright blue nail polish, seafoam green nails, blue nail polish, StyleVisa, global designers, Antigua necklace, Valparaiso necklace, handmade beaded necklaces, red and black beaded necklace jewelry, handmade orange beads necklace jewelry, eco friendly nail polish, mosaic espresso cups, black and white tea set espresso, glass tea pot kettle, thyme scented candle, Paper Wings jewelry, baby blue diaper bag set, pumpkin scented soap, thyme and coriander soy candle, Loomlab binary scarf, black and white binary scarf, pumpkin spice scents, Etta Billie artisanal soap, old fashioned tea spoons, tea spoon set, African woven baskets, yellow and black basket, African bowls, moss green nail polish, passport to style
Left to Right:



Enjoy what I found.

See what you do.

As always, I'll be keeping an eye out for you.
And, come on... 
Swap the sweat for the breeze.
See what I mean?
It feels good.

I'll be enjoying this heavenly, sunny, seventy-something-degree weather from up above.
Catch me on ground-level another day.  

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