Monday, November 4, 2013

Getting Lucky & FABB-ulous, Honey.

In between trips, I was back in New York for a (very) brief stint.
Thank heavens!
A return to the mothership was much needed. 

Like I (very) briefly mentioned in "In the Red: Coating and Roasting," Lucky Magazine fosters an unmatched online community of talented and obviously stylish writers, referred to as FABB, Fashion and Beauty Blogs. Twice a year, on both the east and west coasts, Lucky invites around 250 of the most influential, hand-selected bloggers and brands to their conference, which aims to connect seasoned industry experts with the online community. Simultaneously, it serves as a platform for networking and gaining insight into the nature of succeeding in the fashion and lifestyle worlds, and in particular, in the competitive, daunting online world.
How does one stand out when millions, growing every single second of every single day, all over the world, are creating sites, blogs, etc.?
 Can your voice stand out among the noise, or is this too overwhelming, resulting in futile efforts and a huge chunk of wasted time?

    Everyone's a blogger these days. Your aunt. Your barista. The waiter. Everyone wants to share, or maybe, feels that they should. But, do they have something to say that sets them apart? An angle or unique perspective on their world as they know it? And, more so, a way of expressing this?
We live in a world of oversharing. That's apparent. A world of self-importance, where evvvvvv-er-y-oneeeee is just dying (dying! chomping at the bit!) to know what we are doing right this second and likewise, to tell us what they're up to...brushing their teeth, brushing the dog, yada yada.

Yes, everyone wants to know! You must tell them! Oh, please.
Most importantly, if someone is sharing, why should we care?
Why do we care?
That's to be decided.
You need to show me that you're worth me considering. Worth my time. Entertain me. Inform me. Whatever. Show me why I should care. I'll attempt to return the favor.
We decide who we lend our ears, I mean EYES, in this case, yes?
Choose wisely.
Lecture's over, let's move on.
    The newly-inaugurated editor-in-chief Eva Chen guided the conference gracefully, and shockingly, unpretentiously. She represents the emergence of a quirky, relatable, and even encouraging group of women leaders in an industry that has notoriously equated that of the mean girls' circle in the cafeteria.
"Vintage? So adorable." Turns head, "That's the ugliest f-ing skirt I've ever seen."

   On October 24th and 25th, Lucky Magazine held their 6th renowned FABB, Fashion and Beauty Blog, conference at the Times Square Center and the Conde Nast building in midtown Manhattan.  Thursday and Friday--filled with panels and seminars, with speakers/participants ranging from style-maven celebrities like Eva Mendes and Kate Bosworth (who are both collaborating with New York & Co and Topshop), to infamous top-blogging world veterans (Bryan Boy-obsessed with him!), media specialists, to PR and luxury brand's top experts (including Donna Karan's exceptionally clever senior VP of global communications, Aliza Licht). The  room's energy was palpable. So many media-driven, forward-thinking people gathered together in one room. Stunning people, doused in equally-stunning apparel and accessories, which I'm sure that you inferred.

Picture it--
Wednesday night...

    How does one-one lady about town, that is-even begin to go about choosing pieces and editing her wardrobe to attend two full-days of style content with two hundred of the most influential fashion and beauty bloggers, who not only cover trends for an unprecedented number of followers, but who indeed spearhead the way for the newest, best, and latest in who, what, wear, and how? Pressure, pushing down on me and Bowie. It all felt eerily reminiscent of New York Fashion Week, honestly.      
    Well, except for the fact that it was almost more difficult, considering that there would be no running home, jetting here and there in between shows and engagements.  The Lucky FABB conference was a separate beast. Keep in mind, I needed to dress, and dress well, for an all-day affair. Literally, from 7:30AM-9:00PM, and fingers crossed, not end the day with a death-wish. Sit. Stand. Walk. Up the stairs, then down the stairs. Sit. Take notes. Stand. Chat. Eat. Peruse the gifting suite. Sit. Stand Pictures. You get it.
    Miraculously, I'd whittled the selection down from two closets to a mere five sections, heavily dominated by accessories. What can I say? I make no excuse. I don't have one. I embrace this "more is more" philosophy. In terms of dressing, that is. Wink, wink.


First day panels and participants included:
Behind the Curtain with Eva Chen
Community ROI: Turning Your Readers Into Your Advocates
Alisa Gould–Simon, Founder, Pose
Gabi Gregg, Blogger, GABIFRESH
Erica Domesek, Founder, P.S. I Made This…
 A style conversation with Eva Mendes
Spotlight On:
A conversation with Bryanboy
Five Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make
 Lindsey Calla, Fashion Blogger and Stylist, Saucy Glossie
Amber Venz, Blogger and Founder, RewardStyle
Mattias Swenson, CEO, Bloglovin'
Hayley Phelan, Fashion News Editor, Lucky
Spotlight On: The Hunt
Blogger’s Choice - Where to Post What: Which Social Media Platforms Are Best for Your Content?
  Aliza Licht, SVP Global Communications, DKNY
Suzanne Schloot, Social Media Manager, Kate Spade New York
Stephanie Horton, Chief Marketing Officer, FarFetch
Amy Cole, Instagram
Moderator: John Jannuzzi, Senior Digital Projects Editor, Lucky
A style conversation with Kate Bosworth
The Highlights and Lowdowns:
  • Due to a bizarre temperature drop, I changed my outfit completely in order to accommodate the black tights that became necessary the morning of. See below. I wore a black floor length Winter Kate beaded maxi dress seen HERE and HERE, a black leather laser-cut Diane VonFurstenberg "Merryl" jacket (Alternative EBAY "Merryl" options HERE), black lace-up booties, TONS of stacked bracelets and jewelry, as you'll see below, and a large leather fuchsia alligator Longchamp satchel, roomy enough to stuff my planner, notebook, and an Ipad in among all of my other dailies.
  • Eva Chen, the editor-in-chief, remained a standout for me all throughout the conference, radiating even in the presence of those she interview. "Be nice," she encouraged, emphasizing the importance of digital karma. If Eva's any indication of the current state of the female-dominated style industries, we've certainly evolved. We're learning that in order to succeed and to feel proud of these successes at the end of the day, our interactions with others reflects quite loudly on the survival of our careers. And, you know what? Achievements become that much more satiating when you're content in your own skin.
  •  Kate Bosworth advising the auditorium of bloggers to, "Be happy. That will change everything. It's so important, so, make that happen."
  • Eva Mendes giving a live tutorial of how to tie stylishly tie a scarf around your head. She did this on stage without a mirror; she made it look effortless and adorable!
  • Aliza Licht, SVP of global communications at DKNY, maintaining that there IS a place for writers, rather than limited to "bloggers" and social media mavens, in today's society. I have become a bit discouraged by the lack of actual reading and subsequently, writing, in response. We live in an era of constant image-obsession, visual stimulation, Instagram-itis, and a maximum of 140 characters. As a self-proclaimed writer and a lover of words, I often question if I even have a place anymore in this online media world. "We need to do more long form writing. Can we do more of that? There is a place for it, especially when the writing is good."
  • "Everything does not have to be about you all of the time," John Jannuzzi, Senior Digital Projects Editor of Lucky Magazine,  on providing readers with well-rounded, unique content.
  • Incredibly girl-y bathroom chats with fellow lovely attendees. I'm not exaggerating--Come on, you realize that women bond in the bathroom. Men? That would be awkward and simultaneously creepy. It takes on an entirely different meaning. But, in bars, restaurants, and most recently, in the Lucky FABB conference, the women all bonded, swapped stories and giggles. It was middle school...except for we can all legally consume alcohol, and we actually enjoy and or respect other ladies. Growing older does have its perks. Like I mentioned, this was no horrendous "Mean Girls 5" remake. FAVORITE HALF HOUR OF THE CONFERENCE.
  • Loot: I registered for All Access, which granted me access to the gifting suite, where I spoke with representatives, and I left with some fantastic pieces. Additionally, two words: GIFT BAG. GIFT BAG for the win. I'd heard that the complimentary gift bags handed out on day two of the conference were spectacular. I expected good things. But, these were beyond what I'd envisioned. I was forced to grab a cab, considering this bag consisted of a good twenty pounds of beauty products, accessories, you name it. I'll be posting about some of my favorites after I've had a chance to give them the "ole college try."
In preparation for Thanksgiving, I will note that I am eternally thankful for Fashion First Aid: and the everything foot/shoe-related kit, "Shoe Done It?" No joke. I initially mentioned it HERE during NY Fashion week, and once again, this kit saved me from an unfathomable amount of pain and pain-in-the-ass moments throughout these two days. Get inserts. A chipped heel pen. Sole savers. No-slip grips. Hats off to you, Lexington PR, for introducing me to this fashion staple. If you're in the industry, or even if you simply go-get and gallivant all day, transitioning from work to play, you need and deserve some aid, quick-fixes and all-around life-saving simplifiers. You're welcome.

Lucky FABB armswag, armstack, designer bangles and bracelets, Kennth Jay Lane cocktail ring, oversized cocktail ring, blue and rhinestone jewelry, Tiffany's square silver bangle, Lucky magazine swag, All Access pass Lucky Magazine, Lucky blogger, fashion and style blogger
Arm swag and a name tag--the equivalent of my binder and a new pen on the first day of middle school.
 Lucky Magazine FABB conference New York City, New York City magazine conference for bloggers, fashion and beauty bloggers conference, Bryan Boy blogger interview, Eva Chen editor in chief and Bryan Boy, Eva Chen interviews Eva Mendes, Eva Mendes fashion and beauty advice interview, Eva Mendes headwrap tutorial, Eva Mendes collaborates with New York and Company
Eva Chen speaking with the ever-entertaining veteran blogger, Bryan Boy, and the magnetic Eva Mendes.

Kate Bosworth shares at Lucky FABB east coast New York City conference, fashion and beauty blogger conference, Kate Bosworth collaborates with Topshop, Kate Bosworth wearing Stella McCartney, Kate Bosworth white booties and oversized sweater, Kate Bosworth talks fashion and style in NYC, Aliza Licht DKNY, Aliza Licht interview DKNY PR girl, panel of fashion experts gives advice at Lucky Magazine conference
Kate Bosworth describes her adoration of "anything that reflects a feeling that is evocative or provocative.

Fabletics, Kate Hudson's new activewear line, Kate Hudson new clothing line, activewear, new athletic wear Fabletics, Lucky Fabb conference vendors New York, fashionable athletic wear
Of course, on the breaks between seminars, I checked out brand displays.

 Lucky Magazine FABB, Lucky Mag fashion and beauty blog conference New York, TNK Style, Ally Road, fashion bloggers New York City, Winter Kate black dress, Winter Kate maxi dress, DVF black leather jacket, Diane Von Furstenberg Merryl leather jacket, laser cut leather jacket, wearing all black, Lucky Mag writers
Cocktail hour with two lovely and dynamic ladies, Rochelle from TNKStyle and Allison from AllyRoad.
Inspired by Fabletics to pack more yoga in, Kate Hudson's a co-founder of this new cute, comfortable athletic wear line.

Kendra Phillip, Kendra Phillip gold textured cuff, Lucky FABB conference gifting suite, Lucky Magazine fashion blogger conference all access
Snagged a fantastic texture gold cuff by Kendra Phillip in the gifting suite.

L'OCCITANE, L'OCCITANE new fragrance, best new fragrances, French perfume
I'm obsessing over my new fragrance from the L'OCCITANE booth in the gifting suite. I've never owned any L'OCCITANE products, but now, I'm thinking that I could use a few more.

 Chanel gold and silver handbag, Chanel black leather purse with gold disc CC logo, armswag, wearing lts of accessories, styling your accessories well, mixing metal, mixing gold and silver, Kendra Phillip gold cuff, David Yurman black onyx, David Yurman cocktail ring
Day two accessories. Load 'em on.

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