Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Bright Spots in the Gray.

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Those orange lights.
They flash. They glow. And then, one by one, they flicker out. Out. Out. Out. One by one. One. By. One... as the train stops. Doors open. Then, close. The next light darkens.
We're making progress. We're moving forward. We're all on this steel rectangle, this rattling collective line of train cars together, shoved into uncomfortable positions. Un-comfort-able. Pushed, smushed into one another. Body against body. Hand to hand. Breaths intertwined. Hips pressed against one another tightly.
 We are close...right?

I just gave a man selling snack food a dollar. I don't want his Pringles. Not that I'm too good, or above that, or anything of that sort. It has nothing to do with that. I don't act in the name of charity and pity or some ingrained elitism that stems from deeply buried guilt.
I just don't need anything at this very moment. Do you know how that feels? I don't want or need for anything. I don't have everything. I lack a great deal.
But, I'm warm. 
My internal organs are cozy and content. I have to remind myself of this. 
My coat is covered in snow, my hands are numb, but I am not cold.

This is today.
Thank you, you, for today.

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And, of course!
Olivia Inkster, wearing red and cream, best holiday outfit ideas, holiday trends, red ASOS skirt, ASOS skater skirt, full skirt red, cream blouse, off white backless blouse, Jaime Cepero, friendgiving in New York City, Thanksgiving in NYCI was wishing a very merry Thanksgiving and holiday season to all over these past two weeks. Speaking of the big 'ole turkey ordeal we know as Thanksgiving, I enjoyed mine with friends...friends give (ing). I cooked and slaved over a hot stove, dear, for two days in preparation. And, you know what? I ended up with such a measly amount of food for all of that work! Help, Mom! I don't know how she does this event after event, year after year. I have the utmost respect...NOW. Ha. I'm sorrier than ever for being unable to acknowledge the blood and sweat that was poured into all of those holiday gatherings. Cooking from scratch? I tried. I really did. I'm going to continue with my Blue Apron subscription, thanks to my middle sister for gifting me a free week. But, I warn you, it is not a "quick and easy" recipe. Well, and even more so for me. The chopping, the mincing, ugh! I shutter! It might just necessitate a glass or two of wine. Anyway, I emerged from the kitchen triumphant, and Thanksgiving #2 in Washington Heights was, once again, such a memorable evening of overindulgence, wine, singing, praise, and rich conversations about that beat that connects us all. I'll terminate the sappiness here, but my soul was content.

    Miss Blanche D, my foxy & furry partner in crime, indulged in a fancy steak Thanksgiving meal, so I'm sure that she wasn't terribly upset over my absence in the apartment. The night before Thanksgiving, in the biting cold and snowy mess, I braved the slow-walking, picture-taking crowds to view the Macy's Parade floats as handlers struggled to inflate them in the midst of knock-down winds on the Upper West Side, right by Central Park West and the Museum of Natural History. Although extremely tourist-y, it was one more notch on my New York to-do/to-see list. If you ever plan to go, arm yourself with hot coffee or chocolate, gloves, comfortable walking shoes and an extra helping of patience to walk through the maze of gates, people, and parade workers who will herd you around the float-viewing areas. It was stressful. But, I'm glad that I made the effort...even if I only stayed for fifteen minutes.

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Hello Kitty literally rising from the ashes of 81st street.

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Blanche and the remnants of her t-bone Thanksgiving feast.

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Bright pops! on a gray winter day.

More of my bright spots?
The trees.
They're baaaaack. My dear friends, hailing from Montreal, have returned, as they do every year at this time, to sell the fine folks of Williamsburg, Brooklyn some equally fine Frasier firs. I wrote all about them last year, HERE, in "The Trees" and exactly how their presence is pivotal for me personally each and every year. I spend just about every day or night, right there with them, on the corner of Bedford and Metropolitan. Rain, snow, freezing temperatures, and all. Three heaters. We're warm, though. I just hate, though, that when I return after Christmas, my friends and these trees are no longer there, waiting for me. The corner looks so desolate, with only a few lonely needles, sprawled around the sidewalk, as reminders of the moments we shared. I will enjoy every last minute until we meet again next year.

...And bright winter white! 
Snow, snow, snow, snow, snow.
It's everywhere! It's freezing! 
But, it is beee-you-teeeee-ful!

Earth tones--
Solitary walks through the most natural spots in the city
...mornings & evenings...have just gotten more peaceful and allow me time to prepare for the long day and/or to process the day that is commencing. This is when I streamline my thoughts. This is outdoor therapy. And, this is one satisfied patient of New york City herself.

 Central Park in the evenings can be so enlightening. 

Arthur Avenue Cheese
(Truffle parmesan cheese, respectfully)
I ventured up to the Bronx, to the "real little Italy," the legendary Arthur Avenue. I enjoyed a delicious Italian lunch, but I couldn't just stop there. I needed to leave with something, and preferably something food-related. Cheese. Ahhhhh, cheese. Teitel prides itself upon its wide selection of olive oils, cheeses, nuts, olives, and the like. They were offering samples of truffle parmesan. They had me at "truffle." It was a sublime experience. I left with two pounds of paradise. And yes, it's all gone, and yes, only I was responsible for its demolition. I can't decide whether I'm proud of my good taste or disappointed with my lack of willpower.
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