Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Few of my Favorite Things:: Holiday Round-Up (Part1)

When the dog bites,
When the bee stings,
& I'm feeling sad...
I simply remember my favorite things,
and then I don't feeeeeel--
soooooo bad!
So, I know that it's been awhile since the close of "the holidays." Devastating! I'm such an irritating holiday fiend.
Confession: I still have my Christmas tree up. Yes, you read that correctly. I'm not apologizing. I love the damn tree. I'm beginning to remind myself of the hilarious John Roberts in "The Christmas Tree."
Watch this, it's hysterical. And scarily, we're all too similar.
Additionally, my birthday is December 30th, so this just amplifies that hectic month, nestled in between Christmas and New Year's. No, I'm not going to tell you how old I turned. A lady never tells, honey. I'm getting up there, I'll admit that, though. Next year, I'll begin reverse-aging. Watch me.
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In general, I don't choose favorites well. I like a lot of things...or I don't. And, really, I LOVE everything about the holidays. Holidays anything is not just fine with me, but so darn incredibly warm, bubbly, and thrilling! I shouldn't drink so much coffee. But, I compiled some things that I am pretty pumped about. Of course, I enjoy everything, but the following are some quirky or unexpected items that I received.
These are just a few of my favorite things acquired over this holiday season:
Just a few, like I said. I practiced restraint.
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Ninja blender,
Smoothies, dips, etc., here I come! I tend to break every piece of kitchen machinery, and this baby is tough as nails and ready for whatever I throw her.
Some may like it hot, but I prefer it scorching. This is a perfect gift set for the heat-loving people in your life. A bottle for every mood/cuisine! 6 variations for the removal of all taste buds!
Coffee that tastes like doughnuts? It actually does satiate the cravings for those sugar-laden gifts from heaven. MMMM. Delish and cold-weather appropriate.
4. "42 Tokens of Appreciation"
Adorable cards, full of little reminders on how to show your affections and appreciation for another. Notes taken. We can all use a little nudge in the right to direction in order to act out love more rather than just speak. Love is an action, yes?

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Tough as nails. Literally. It's my very own "big apple." Dark and prickly. But, it houses the daintiest of treasures and keepsakes. Irony, irony, irony. I place the most precious in here.
6. Black pearl necklace
Pearls, yes, are typically white. This Kind of Girl isn't always a white pearl kind of girl. I like something classic but something with an edge...something darker. This was gifted to me by someone who knows me. Metaphor, representation, however you choose to view it. Whoa, we just went deep.
Johnny Cash is one of my favorite artists and human beings of all time, and it is only appropriate that I now can wear "Walk the Line" lyrics around my neck near to my very own (heart). Complete with a little gun charm. Bang for the win. Meaningful and stylish.
8. David Yurman cable classic diamond & black onyx bracelet
This thing is huge. I was shocked. With fine jewelry, bigger is some times just...bigger. But this...it's better. I've begun a love affair with the David Yurman black onyx collection and tend to receive pieces on special occasions. I know that you can definitely find David Yurman on consignment and most definitely, on EBAY. Trust me. You can find authentic, real David Yurman (albeit lightly used), from reliable, reputable online sellers on EBAY. For literally half of the retail price. Give IT a glance! Back to it-- this bracelet is almost a cuff, due to its width and all-around size. And, you know what? It feels extremely special...what it represents is.

What are your favorites from the holidays?
Rings and things?
Roasted turkey with sweet potato casserole?
Conversations with relatives? (This could be your least favorite as well, ha!)
Revel in what you do possess. Material or not.
I'm attempting to remind myself of this throughout the day.
I am grateful. I am, and as much as I adore these "things," and all kinds of "things" at that...
Well, it's most definitely not "everything." It's all "stuff," and that "stuff" doesn't keep my soul warm at night or bring me sheer joy for no reason throughout the day.
So, what now?
Are you left wanting or needing?
We'll be back with MORE holiday goodness in Part 2!
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