Thursday, January 23, 2014

Found: ASOS Sale Accessories Picks

I just returned from a wild bachelorette weekend in Chicago. OK, it wasn't that wild....just fifteen girls flying in from all over the country to celebrate a dear childhood friend's upcoming nuptials!
Wine! Margaritas! Shopping--Dancing--High tea and scones at The Drake Hotel--Laughter--Too much Risotto--Too many tacos, and lingerie-shaped cookies--
Oh, and BRRRR.
I leave New York to face the pounding snow in Chicago, and I return from Chicago to the blizzard-matron, Janus, here in New York. The whole city of New York City has been practically shut down for two days! Really? I know, I know. A little overkill. But, there's one word that holds the power to thaw even the iciest of shivering fingers and toes--
Ahhhhh, the sweetness of that single word.
 Say it with me aloud now,
But, I'll one up you--
Online SALE.
That was fun.
What follows will be even more fun.
You can remain inside and avoid the battle of frigid temperatures, totally numb toes, and tripping and flying face-first into piles of snow while others point and laugh.
Who, me?!

ASOS,  (the UK's largest online retailer) touts brands as well as its own affordable men and women's accessories, apparel and home goods line. But, thankfully, the site has expanded its domination worldwide. We can all unite and pledge allegiance to stylish deals. International relations at work. They offer an incredible selection of merchandise. Seriously, whoa.
And, they continually mark down their products in order to continually release new items that we also MUST HAVE. There was a LOT of SALE muck to search through. A lot--as in  over 60,000.
I have done the heavy lifting, eh, clicking for you.
I'm not kidding, I could have clicked and clicked repeatedly all night, with the maximum amount of items featured on every page, and you would have found me dozing, still tapping my raw little fingers. I clicked. And clicked. And clicked, almost on autopilot in front of this illuminated screen, compiling items. But, I put on my metaphorical fashion-Hunter boots, and I waded through the muck.
After emerging with bloodshot eyes from my digital coma, I realized that there are simply way too many wonderful, stylish SALE items to show you. So, here's just a tiny fraction of the accessories I've found for your viewing pleasure.
MORE to come, though!
We still have shoes (shoes! the chorus of angels!) and apparel.
ASOS Sale Accessories:
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Shop 'til you...
Grow too tired?
Then, take a power nap and power through.
I believe in you and your fingers.

Oh, and ASOS is running a 20% off sale on all winter layers!
Stay warm... on the inside.
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