Monday, February 3, 2014

A Few of my Favorite Things:: Holiday Round-Up (Part 2)

...And, the holidays continue...
Well, for This Kind of Girl, at least.
And, as of yesterday, for my furry friend Phil. 6 more weeks? Ehhh, I'm starting to feel the itch for a lightweight jacket.
I have a few more favorite things to finish off this round-up...
conveniently, just when you're beginning to make your Valentine's Day wish lists!
Even if you're only writing it for yourself. That's totally fine. Actually, it's fantastic.
That's pretty high on the favorites list.
I think we could all use a little--no, a LOT--more of that these days. I'm speaking to myself as well. Hey, it's a process. I think that we can all attest to that. We're human. I'd be bold-faced lying if I said that everyday consisted of rainbows, smiles, and skipping down the street.
But, here's some inspiration, if you're feeling a bit dry these days. Or, if you simply need to view some pretty things before you face the world today. We are visual creatures, right?   
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1. "Brooklyn" tunic sweatshirt (same top, different brand HERE)//  Cute alternative 2// Cute alternative 3// Cute alternative 4
Anything that reps my 'hood, I like. This sweatshirt is neither cheesy nor obnoxious, which "Brooklyn" apparel and accessories can generally lean toward. "Brooklyn" has become quite the trendy topic these days, but this sweatshirt is cute, cozy, and for me, it's a once-a-week basic with boots and leggings.
2. Graphic Image metallic monogrammed python planner
This is my 2014 planner's second appearance here on TKOG. Isn't it a babe? I think so. The monogramming makes it tres chic. And python? Anything-yes, anything-in python, hisses my name.
3. Lululemon black and purple running zip-up
Eggplant and black, like I mentioned previously, has become a favorite color combination in everyday attire in addition to athleticwear. Looking good while running? Or, at the very least, running errands? I'll take both, thank you.
4. Citibike membership
I'd been debating the whole "chic bicycle thing." I've been wanting one--solo bikes to read in the park, group rides around town with friends, and the like. But, I wasn't quite ready to commit. I need a trial-run, because, knowing me, I'll be swerving around like a maniac, and will end up road-kill. Considering I haven't been an avid bike-rider since childhood, the prospect of navigating the mean city-streets alongside raging traffic...well, it's a little frightening and downright daunting. I had also been, mentally, going back and forth between trying the overly-talked about Citibike. If you're unclear about this whole phenomena, it's a city-wide bike transit system. You check a bike out, like a library book, from one of the hundreds of bike stations all around Manhattan and the boroughs. You have around thirty-forty-five minutes (depending on your particular membership, or if you're renting it for a one-time use), before you must "check it back in" to another bike docking station. Essentially, it's purpose is to get its rider from point A to point B as opposed to leisure riding. It's a scenic, quick, aerobic way to get to work, home, out, whatever your destination may be without waiting to hop on a mule-packed train car or hauling buns by foot. In this snowy mess? Eh, I'll use my Metrocard and take the train, but I'm thrilled for spring. I'll be peddling my Citibike, as dorky and obnoxious at they might be, around town.
Ahhhh, I can feel the spring air whipping around me as I fly down the street. And then, as I smack a parked car! (Ha...sort of)
5. Home T-shirt--"Tennessee"
These incredibly soft t-shirts make such perfect gifts, even if you're the giver and receiver in this case. Nostalgia and pride at their best! Hey, many of us no longer live in our "home" states. Especially, in a city like New York. Or, you could one-up me, and be backpacking somewhere around Europe. Want to represent? Here you go. Choose yours! These tees force me to smile. Don't forget where you came's engrained in us. Wear it well.
6. J.Crew coral and turquoise collar necklace// similar HERE and HERE via J.Crew Factory + 40% steal.
I actually really do have a thing for J.Crew jewelry, surprisingly, I know. It adds a little color, a little prep to my style. Sometimes, I enjoy throwing in something that I wouldn't normally try. It breaks up my tendency to lean towards darker and edgier accessories. Now, mixing the two styles creates a more interesting, eccentric overall look.
7. DV by Dolce Vita leopard "Kenzie" ankle boots on sale// Also HERE
Leopard? Boots? Yes and yes. They don't break the bank, and they won't break your feet. I can walk all day in these without looking over-dressed, under-dressed, or feeling like I want to wimper and chop my feet off near Herald Square.
8. Louis Vuitton multicolor monogram s-lock bracelet// Also, try HERE from EBAY& HERE from BagBorroworSteal!
A little obnoxious, perhaps. But, it's chunky, and I do enjoy a big cuff. It's a perfect centerpiece for stacking a myriad of smaller, more delicate bracelets. I think that it makes a statement, and it might just say, "BOSS."
Brooklyn sweatshirt, Urban Outfitters

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Featuring:  James Jeans white skinnies// Fossil rose gold watch
Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes,
Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes,
Silver white winters that melt into springs...
These are a few of my favorite things.
Shop MORE options here:

ShopStyle, shopstyle holiday gift guide, holiday picks, Valentine's Day looks, Michael Kors bracelet, purple and black athleticwear, colorful statement necklaces, affordable gifts, leopard boots, cheetah print booties
 P.S. Even MORE Favorites?
Are you not entertained?!
I'll keep it to a minimum.

Christmas at home for the holidays, family time in Tennessee for Christmas, cozy in house shoes at home, J.Crew house shoes, fleece moccasins
Slippers and home, watching wintery films.

Reunions that feel like not a day has passed.

street art, graffiti art in New York City, city as a canvas, Be humble, wall art quotes, graffiti quotes
Truths in the night.
Shiba Inu fox, fox in the snow, Shiba mix dog, Shiba Inu puppies, Shiba breed, fox dogs, snow dogs in New York, Brooklyn fox
My fox's joy at the snow...and consuming it.
My 26th birthday, getting old, need wine for your birthday
Gifts of wine in honor of my birthday.
Christmas trees in Brooklyn
My Christmas tree and its mighty carrier home.

Too many laughs and photoshoots that ensue.

Hair whipping outside of car windows.

going home for the holidays, cozy on Christmas, Tennessee for Christmas time with family
The wrapping, and taping, and mess I make.

Vermont vacation, Vermont in the fall, fall leaves in New England, fall in CT, Connecticut wine country, Connecticut wine trail, beautiful New England outdoors
Solitary drives down quaint roads.
Free People leopard coat, Shiba Inu fox, Shiba Inu breed dog, leopard coat in New York, staying warm in New York City, fox in the snow, Brooklyn fox, two Brooklyn girls, looking stylish in the snow
Leopard coats on a fox run outside.

bachelorette party, all girls' trip to Chicago, party aftermath, too much wine
All girls' weekends in Chicago to celebrate matrimony.

New York and Tennessee state charm necklaces, cross charm gold necklace, state charms to put on a necklace, Tennessee state, New York state
New York AND Tennessee are close to my heart.

Gaultier exhibit in Brooklyn New York, John Paul Gaultier fashion exhibition New York City, designer leopard, JPG leopard museum look, influential designer Brooklyn Museum NY
John Paul Gaultier reigns, evident by the exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum.

Parisian chic, elderly French women, Parisian in New York, conversations with the elderly, life lessons
Chatting about life and receiving wisdom by a beautiful Parisian a great hat.

his and hers hot drinks, his and hers mugs
His and Hers, keeping warm on a January evening.
Bryant Park, Bryant Park in New York City, NY parks, most beautiful parks in the world, sunset in Bryant in Manhattan, dusk in New York, BP 42nd street NYC, Fifth Avenue Public Library New York City NY
My beloved Bryant Park at dusk.
 Now, I not only don't feel soooo bad, but I'm feeling pretty.damn.good.
It's February,
and is that love in the air?
A big sarcastic "thank you" to Punxsutawney Phil and his shadow,
because besides love, it's also snow.
 See you around,
This Kind of Girl
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