Thursday, March 27, 2014

Dreaming (& drooling over!) a Sophia Webster Spring

Oh, is that you?
Have we finally been rescued from the bottom of the perpetual winter well?
No, nevermind. It's only winter wearing a bad spring mask.
I long for that one shining moment when I tear open my curtains, free my stiff windows from their frozen posts, and gaze down at my lover, spring, waiting anxiously for my awakening down below.
I think I've read about that love story somewhere.  
Unfortunately, it's not mine...yet.
But, this kind of girl can dream, can't she?
I swear I don't snore...(?)
As of late, I've been drooling over accessories that--shall we say--force a little spring in my step?
I'll cease with the cheesy jokes...for now. Blame my father if you must.
Sophia Webster, dubbed one of the latest "it" shoe designers, hails from the Royal College of Art and honed her skills under an apprenticeship of sole society's prince, Nicholas Kirkwood. Now mentored by Kirkwood, she's proven that she's no short-term floozy. Paving the way for hyper-feminine, color-heavy, and often quirk-meets-sass designs, Webster's signature unapologetic aesthetic rules and reigns not with an iron fist, but a strong well-manicured hand.

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And, with the addition of her newest must-have clutches (like the "text bubble" handbag above), I can only predict that Webster will continue going and going with her bad self, sashaying in mismatched leopard and Aztec lace-up stilettos.
Go, girl, go.
In fact, run in those heels.  

Oh, Ms. Webster!
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Although I'm not incredibly "girly," per se, this feminine line allows me to indulge my inner sass-a-frass. Those "Talk the Talk" polka dot flats? Need. Now. As in, right this freakin' second. You can shop these down below, but you can browse an even wider selection on her site, in most luxury retailers, or online here on Neiman Marcus, NET-A-PORTER, and Saks.
I chose a few of my favorites, accompanied by a few of my personal, easy-as-pecan-pie, go-to outfits.
From a midi-length lemon-hued skirt and a funky rain jacket to casual cuffed jeans and an oversized scarf...
These ensembles sing--yes, sing (& even louder in those April rain showers!)--
Repeat it with me now.
Even if you weren't in the mood,
a little visual stimulation to kick-start the blood flow:
Asos, Vince Camuto, Blank, Milly Minis, Webster,=
shop the looks.
I expect to receive a "thank you" note from you; I'll be mailing your bank account a "forgive me."
No one said that collecting art was always cheap.

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