Thursday, May 15, 2014

What I Wore: Tees&Trees--Casual Business

"Here I am and in this city
With a fistful of dollars,
And baby, you'd better believe...
I'm back, back in the New York groove."

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Go on!

  Top: Vlada Morozov scannable skyline tee (YES!)(c/o)// Sunglasses: Maroon Ray-Ban
 Wayfarer// Blazer: Mcginn oversized boyfriend blazer (no longer available, but SIMILAR HERE
 from Michael Kors)// Skirt: Maroon faux leather flared skirt via Crossroads Trading Co., but
 similar HERE and HERE// Shoes: Michael Kors "Tipton"  black&white loafers (Also HERE)// Bag:
 Joan and David woven sling backpack--fits everything (See MORE on backpacks!), Options from ETSY!// Rings: Adina Mills one of a kind pieces--ALWAYS a favorite of mine, and people immediately comment on every piece I have of hers as soon as I step out! MORE, please!// Bracelet: Julie Vos hammered leaf cuff (no longer on the site, but so many other fabulous options!)// Watch: Nixon "Cannon" in all-gold (Men's! I love a good "man watch")//
Hat: Black beanie from street vendor
This outfit all began with a seemingly-simple tee. Seemingly, bwahaha. Vlada Morozov founded and currently runs this super cool (&expanding!) line that brings together funky design with technology. Vlada and I talked after I viewed some of her black and white "skyline" tees, sharing her insight on her creative process.

"Life is an inspiration. Life as a barcode has black and white lines. Sometimes, it is thinner...sometimes, it is thicker. But, you need to remember that there will always be light after the dark."

Cool lady who sums it up pretty simply, yes?  She also designs some gorgeous hand painted silk scarves and necklace scarves, which I'm super into. Check out her site or keep up with her (she runs giveaways too!) on Facebook.

 But, back to the top, where it starts. Feel like you need something extra? Something unique? Vlada Morozov's super soft tees feature scannable messages within their design...and no, they're not cheesy!
I love a good white basic tee, but although this one has flair, it still goes with anything--dressed up or down--boyfriend jeans and heels or a skirt and flats, which I opted for on this day. The weather was finally cooperating, and I planned to be outside, due to my Vitamin D deficiency, while roaming through the New York Botanical Garden. I didn't wish to freeze in case the temperature suddenly dropped (Mother Nature's been enjoying throwing us curve balls all day, every day!), but I was also aiming for cool and comfortable when sprawled out on the grass, writing, under the afternoon sun's warmth. Hence, both the blazer AND the skirt. Faux leather? I'll take every article of clothing in it. Make it an oxblood hue? I'm singing your praises. I'm not typically a proponent of match-y match-y, but the lips, glasses and skirt, magnetically bonded together during the "getting ready" process. It occurred naturally, and I'm just fine with that. My "Elvis" loafers are comfortable enough to don for the day yet add a very dapper 50s element to my ensembles (& mood!). Hey, I'm from Memphis, what can I say?
Let the hip swiveling and crooning commence.

I wanted to load up with notebooks and reading, of course, as you might have inferred from my last post, I selected a nostalgic-for-the nineties-backpack! Backpack obsession has overtaken me. No shoulders were harmed, and I toted snacks, a water bottle, and plenty of items to carry me (or vice versa!) throughout the afternoon's trek up to the Bronx to the breathtaking Botanical Garden and the following hours of outdoor appreciation.

More days like those, please.
Oh, Those Kinds of Days...
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 Oh, and the New York Botanical Garden?
It's gorgeous, duh. It's an oasis, a massive paradise, a Garden of Eden per se, in freaking New York City! I've visited the Brooklyn Botanical Garden (adventure HERE), and I've actually been to the Holiday Train Show at the New York Botanical Garden, but that wasn't quite the same experience, considering it was during the winter holiday AKA freezing, frosty season. I wasn't exactly running down daffodil hill with the freshly-cut spring grass beneath my tired and aching feet.
New York Botanical Gardens, what to see in NYC, beautiful spaces New York City, outdoors in New York
This national landmark contains over 50 gardens and plant collections, complete with forests, waterfalls, winding paths, a conservatory, rose garden, and extensive library. The Bronx River, the one and only fresh water river in New York City, divides the growth of forest with a riverine canyon and rapids. That forest remains some of the only original land before it became what we lovingly refer to as the "urban jungle" when the settlers first began clearing the kingdom they staked claim to. One can actually become lost. What a feat! I'll gladly lose myself for a day...well, with my furry pal, Blanche and my Iphone for backup, of course.
I couldn't possibly have seen it all within those few hours, but I did some shopping. Go ahead and giggle. I didn't purchase all that I yearned for, but I left with two herb plants: rosemary and oregano. Unfortunately, I possess no land or vast spaces to grow or pot larger plants, much less an entire garden. I do, however, live on the first floor of an apartment building, though, that provides a tall hedge, complete with shrubs and some scattered perennials. Right outside of my bedroom window, I planted my small herb plants. I'm thrilled, as in an overly--I'm-getting-older-kind-of-thrill.
Let there be green!
Rosemary and Oregano, buying herbs
  I'm already planning my next visit to relax in nature, walk and be inspired. Take your time. Mosey around. Take a seat, sip some tea and be present. That's pivotal: see, smell, and feel all of it. Every Wednesday, the NYBG offers free admission to the general grounds. This doesn't include the tram tour or special exhibits, but it does allow entrance to the primary gardens. It's a deal.
I'm into free, aren't you?
Meet me next Wednesday.

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