Thursday, June 26, 2014

Summer Staples: Vitamins and Coconuts

In the summertime, skin is in...

the spotlight.

It's all out there. No, really, I can see your skin.  I'm not telling you to put it under wraps--don't do that! You'll have a heat stroke on the way up the subway stairs or to your car in the mall parking lot--but, you should be treating it with respect. 

Our skin is on display, fully exposed.
Exposed to people, and even more importantly, to the elements around us. These elements--sun exposure, pollution, even stress-- obviously take a toll, evident by all of the preventative and reparative products and services being touted.  Our environments, external and internal, directly affect what we're all walking around in-our skin. Clocking in around 20 square feet a person, it's the largest human organ. A glance down, and you'll notice that we're covered in it, so we might as well protect it, considering it's the first thing that people see. 

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Think to yourself in a creepy voiceover:

"It rubs the lotion on the skin."

-Appropriately named "Buffalo Bill" from Silence of the Lambs
That guy could appreciate a nice and smooth epidermis, don't you concur? 

Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs, horror movies, Hannibal Lecter

 Now, let's make this about me. I mean, us. I have a lot of products. When I say A LOT, I mean an embarrassing number. But, my primary ride-or-die wingman who consistently delivers my Peter Thomas Roth Camu Camu Brightening Moisturizer. While I take my daily multi, fish oil, Biotin, and attempt to receive the weather gods' Vitamin D, I need a little boost. A jolt of the C. Vitamin C, proper. 

We first met when my former roommate brought home some leftover products that a PR company had given him. Working for a major executive at ABC Disney had its perks. Before he sadly ran from frigid New York toward the sunshine of Los Angeles and a job promotion, he gifted me several items. Tommy, my roommate, may have abandoned me, but fate led me to Peter Thomas Roth (Unfortunately, PTR doesn't contribute to the rent).  

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Formulated with an Amazonian berry Camu Camu, it contains thirty times(!) the amount of Vitamin C as an orange, which we typically associate it with. The orange and Vitamin C's relationship is a little over-hyped, if you ask me. It's the Kanye West/Kim Kardashian union of food and nutrition. Unlike that media storm, this moisturizer is the real deal, supporting natural collagen production, firming skin, improving uneven tone, and most visibly, brightening. I slather (yes, slaaaaaather) it on in the evening before bed and then, dab it on after a morning shower. Ok, FINE! You caught me. I don't shower EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING. BRIGHT & EARLY...guilty. But, when I do shower, I dab Peter on afterward. Daaaaaaab. 

You can't have Calvin Harris singing about how he met you in the summer, and the leaves weren't the only things browning, dulling, and cracking. 

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It's easily an MVP for me in my skincare and beauty routine.  But, if you're purchasing retail, although it isn't cheap at $72, it is worth it. I don't always support paying full price unless I am convinced (and there are no sales, discounts, or online roundabout ways of obtaining item in question). Peter Thomas Roth products are available at major retailers like Sephora and Ulta (both online and in-store), BUT (Yes! BUT!) I found huge deals HERE on Ebay and also HERE on Amazon, that save you almost 40%. Don't be daft. Saving money is always in. I already did the legwork for you. You're welcome

And, that brings me to coconut oil.  Don't roll your eyes just yet. Coco-yawn-oil. After the saturation of Buzzfeed and blog articles on this "cure-ALLLLL elixir," it's natural to feel annoyed and even distrusting. There's always something, right? Always some touted "miracle" AKA tend-driven product that you simply have to try?  
  My relationship with her may have initially begun as infatuation turned curious fling, but we've taken the next step. We're girlfriends now. You can try oil pulling. Swish it around in your mouth to strain toxins from your body, whiten teeth, etc. I've tried. Eh, maybe I should give it another go, but I'm not completely sold...yet. Cooking? YES. Emphatic, YES. For the skin and hair? MUST. Deep conditioning for your scalp and dead ends after chlorine-filled brunch parties and saltwater backstrokes at the beach (even Rockaway Beach counts, folks). Cover and leave in for a few hours and/or while you sleep. Even more so, coconut oil improves skin quality, moisturizers, heals and soothes. I've covered my face and body for some intense hydration, covered wounds to prevent them from scarring, and even layered it on that occasional itch or skin irritation. Need to read about the health benefits to believe them first? Just one example. Come on, you have Google.

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Go organic, extra virgin, pure, unrefined and cold pressed. Yes, that's a mouthful.
 There are way too many uses for me to list (101 HERE), and in fact, people are obsessing so ridiculously (?) much, that this "list" never ends. It's being added to right this second as I type. Just wade through the muck and try a few out. Stay safe or experiment. I can't comment on all of them, but I know what I know from experience. Whole foods, health stores, and now, most grocery stores offer this beauty queen and most popular kid in the aisle...or at least, most popular kid on the Internet... for now

What do you deem a necessity? 
Good gracious, it's hot out there. Don't go it alone. You need a wingman (or woman). Find yours. 

Spread it: 
peace, love and coconut oil. 

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