Monday, June 9, 2014

The Maine Elements

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It happened. 
The unexpected, the unexplained, the unthinkable:
I've been converted into a Mainiac. No, that's not a typo--not a maniac, you fool (although that could also be up for debate later)--But, a real, live MAINIAC! 

Last weekend, I was taken on a whirlwind 3-day tour of the coastline of Maine. From Cape Elizabeth, to Booths Bay Harbor, to Camden, to Bar Harbor (referred to by locals as Bah-ha-bah), to Portland and Peaks Island. That's a mouthful. Both literally and figuratively. A mouthful of lobster, in my case. For 72 hours, I believe that I consumed lobster with every single meal. EVERY. SINGLE. MEAL. Do the math for me. Obscenely excessive or ridiculously delicious? Your call. Perhaps, It was a liiiiiiiiittle excessive, but lobster (beginning in childhood--blame my parents!) has continued to remain at the top of my favorite foods list. That's tough to do, considering the competition out there. The views, the harbors, the expanse of ocean all was all so overwhelming. I hiked through the Acadia National Park to the very top of the summit (see below--it was breathtaking!), sailed at sunset with champagne in hand, took ferries galore, and peddled around an entire island (Peaks!). Full of outdoor activities, honestly real folks with their "honesty boxes" (where you choose how accountable you wish to be when paying for services rendered-crazy trusting, yes?!) and some damn fresh seafood directly off of the fishing and lobstah boats, Maine delivers. I need it to deliver all the way to my doorstep stat, though. 

Oh, dear. Just typing this has instilled a burning desire to return. As in, who needs work? I'll live off of the sea, right? 

Style talk: I was warned- "Don't bother bringing heels or anything dressy." Although I typically ignore this useless tune of advice in regards to dressing myself on vacation, I strangely adhered...for once. Don't get accustomed to that. The weather served up mild and sunny days as well as chilly, clear evenings. I brought tennis shoes and athletic wear, loafers and boat shoes (seemed appropriate), hoodies, some hats, and one pair of short-heeled booties to wear with a billowy maxi-skirt and casual tee for a night out. Absurd (for me, at least), I know, but it was all that I needed. It's generally casual. Well, most areas of the country are in comparison to New York City, but heed my recommendations on this. Oh, and beauty? Pack your cosmetic case lightly. Toner and moisturizer with SPF, followed by a dash of mascara and a swipe of lipstick. Overall, it's a preppy yet understated destination. Don't try too hard. It's naturally quaint but stunning, so go with what feels right for you in that setting.  
That may just include elastic waistbands, if you're like me. 

 Maine-ly Essentials: 
-tennis shoes
-hoodies and cardigans for boat rides and evenings
-light scarf wrap
-loafers, boat shoes
-ball cap, fedora
-comfy maxi
-slouchy tees
-casual shorts that transition from day-to-night
-sling backpack, crossbody purse 

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More selling points, you say?
Visual highlights continue. 

But, I always like to say,
Go, do, and see for yourself. 

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