Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Right Now in Five.

I always have a lot on my mind. As in, too much. But, right this minute, these five are fresh off the brain grill. From what I'm wearing to what I'm rocking to on the train, this is...
(drumroll, please, maestro!)

Right Now in Five!

Count 'em.

1. Cambiami interchangeable sandals

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I need to know something-
OK, seriously, why didn't I come up with this brilliant, yet "that makes so much sense!" idea?! I was invited to the Slash PR showroom to view a sandal line that had just made its online debut. But, this was even more than I'd expected. Cambiami, literally translates to "change me." And, shocker, that's precisely what they're offering! You build your own sandal to fit the occasion or ensemble in about a minute (or less!) flat. You begin with the rubber base, or sole, of the sandal  in tan or black. Comfortable enough to walk around Machu Picchu or just from the East River to the Hudson. From there, you choose your toppings. Haha, well, they're referred to as uppers, but toppings gets me all giddy, conjuring dreams of ice cream sundaes. 
Give me alllll of the toppings
No, really. Look at the #mycambis showroom setup below. Jelly beans? M&M's? I'll take a scoop of each. And then, straps to match. 
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Right now, they offer 24  various styles that snap onto the base. Doing an outfit change? No problem. Simply tote along another pair of sandal toppers and exchange them. No need for a second pair of shoes. These sandals are a jet-setter, girl-on-the-go, travel-bug's holy grail! From every imaginable solid color in regular or patent finish, to prints like leopard--there's a style for you that's not only convenient but cute. A sneak peak of the fall line proved that they're only just beginning. More, please! I grabbed a pink peonies Victorian print as well as a navy ostrich to pair with my black sandals! I can't wait to begin collecting more. Sandals upon sandals that only take up a minimal amount of room in my closet and suitcase? Sold. I only wish I'd thought of this. 

2. Shaking & Moving in Outdoor Fitness Classes

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I'm obsessed, and it's about time. Everything everywhere is about the outdoors. Refreshing (extra ice, please!) cocktails on the roof. Al fresco lunches.  Maybe it's the Viatmin D. Maybe it's the endorphins. Maybe it's the river and city skyline views. But, I'm pretty much a maniac for the outdoors. 

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Doing something productive and beneficial while enjoying? Double the points...don't confuse that with double the fun, though. In order to change up my running routine (it gets ollllldddd), I like to add in a few weekly group classes. Whether yoga, pure barre, or some insane interval bootcamp, I'm keeping it sweaty. Trying to, at least. Best of all, I keep a list of all of the city's FREE (yes, FREE!) classes, so when I do find myself with an unexpected free moment and access to tennis shoes, I head off to whatever park or pier they're offering physical activity. It doesn't hurt that there's a reward: free water and organic frozen fruit popsicles after. What can I say? I'm incentive-driven. And, FREE-driven. Here's one searchable list of sponsored New York City classesbut most cities have begun to offer weekly classes and programs as part of their health and wellbeing initiatives to encourage active lifestyles. Look up your city's Department of Parks and Recreation to see what's available to you. It's about time! Take advantage of your resources. 

3. Begin Again, the film (out now!)

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Three words for you come to mind: See this movie. The genius writer and director of the touching Irish musical film, Once, John Carney, has struck again...and unlike the Californians, he's got gold in his hands. The Broadway production and eight-time Tony award winner, Once, was adapted from this highly-regarded film. Instead of Ireland, though, the setting is the always-stimulating New York, which is more than a backdrop for the film. It plays just as prominent of a character as any. Mark Ruffalo, in one of his strongest and most heartfelt character roles to date, plays Dan, a disgraced and generally drunk record label executive, whose personal and professional choices have landed him in near-ruin. Keira Knightley, plays Gretta, a songwriter betrayed by her musician boyfriend and fellow-songwriting partner (played by Adam Levine, appropriately) after his first brush with fame once they land in New York. After moving out of their posh loft and into a childhood friend's apartment,  Gretta performs at an open-mic night (reppin' Arlene's Grocery in the Lower East Side) just as Dan stumbles in to hear her and experience a musical epiphany that had at one time, made him so brilliant at his job. 

Gretta and Dan, each lost and questioning the future, form an unlikely friendship based on their undying affection for music and its ability to authentically express the struggles that both of them, and individuals in general, experience. Music: a language in itself to communicate often what we cannot articulate in conversation. It's emotional. It's funny. It's relatable. Even better? The musical score is freaking amazing, of course! 

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One of my favorite quotes, which I've written many times here, sums up the message of of Begin Again quite well--"The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what you share with someone else when you're uncool" (Almost Famous). 

4. Rocking Tove Lo
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I'm a huge fan (or sucker) for female-led bands that have their songwriting game on-point. I stumbled upon Tove Lo (Ebba Tove Elsa Nilsson), singer-songwriter, after looking up Icona Pop's songwriting discography. She's written for the duo as well as Cher Lloyd, Girls Aloud + more. Now, she's performing her own material solo, and the girl's got spunk. Catchy without being overly obnoxious, which is actually still fine with me in smaller doses, but she maintains a more raw quality. Lo just played her first U.S. show this year at SXSW, and she's clearly doing something right. Tove Lo will be opening up for Katy Perry on the Australian portion of her Prismatic World Tour. Begin with the standout single "Habits" from the album Truth Serum and move from there. Don't miss the video either. Just the right amount of partying with a heartbreak chaser. 

5. Sipping & Mixing Owl's Brew

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Well, it's no secret in my circles that I'm a regular tea-drinking old lady. Jennie and Maria, the respective founder and partners of Owl's Brew, created a sister company to Brew Lab Tea. The thinking--how many more (yawn) vodka sodas can one drink? Jennie and Maria realized that besides taking your spirit straight, with little-to no originality, or chock-full of sugary mixers and juices, there aren't always a plethora of easy go-tos for creating something that's light, refreshing, and without all of the crap. Brewing in their oversized (tea) pots in Vermont, Owl's Brew brings in flavor without the additives. 

Then, it's bottled and sweetened with agave. Really, that's it. As its name suggest, drink wisely. Cut the sugar... and other unhealthy, boring mixers, and reach for a bottle of your own HERE.  It's effortless, tasty, and hydrating. Mix with whatever spirit you favor or even champagne (my favorite combination!). Peruse some recipes HERE for inspiration. Also, if you're a local or simply visiting in New York City, every Wednesday from 6-8pm at BFB Highline (55 Gansevoort), you can receive one five-cent Owl's Brew cocktail upon entry. Regress to Prohibition days and bring your spare change.

Don't plan on imbibing? Totally cool! Owl's Brew makes a mean mocktail
Alcohol or not, I need more of this in my life, and preferably, in my glass. 

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Who knows what it will be next week or even tomorrow, for that matter. But, I've got my eyes and ears open.

What are YOU into right now? 

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