Monday, December 8, 2014

Bling in Hand: Holiday Clutch Guide

OK, I love something shiny. Anything shiny. My eyes grow, and my gaze is transfixed on said object. Sparkle Sparkle. Eyes twinkle right back. Maybe it's just the ADD. Fine, probably.

So, this is MY season. These shiny, glittery, glowing objects are in full bloom and everywhere. Everything, everywhere is frosted, am I right? You can't escape it. It's magical. Or, obnoxious, depending on your view of this time of year. I tend to agree with Andy Williams that it's "the most wonderful time of the year." But, I know plenty of others who side with the Grinch. That's OK. Can't we all just harmonize on  the "eat, drink" even if without the "be merry," at least?
Cocktail? Hot chocolate? Sugar cookies?

Accessories during winter are bling-ed out, no doubt. I'll stop rhyming now (try), but shoes, bags, and jewelry are getting the icy treatment, usually reflecting the outdoor situation.

Cocktail parties, family dinners, and even office celebrations call for some seasonal acknowledgment, fashionably speaking. Since I'm not planning on decking the halls...or my arms... in diamonds--Come on, we all know I haven't been that good this year--For me, nothing brings the frost like a "wow" clutch. Pair with a chic jumpsuit, a party dress, or even jeans and booties.

I've rounded up some--well, just twenty--of my favorite sparkling handbags from shockingly affordable price points to more couture tastes. We have Marchesa to Kate Spade to Dorothy Perkins, so find your perfect match at the right price that fits your holiday budget.
Splurge OR steal.
Or, do BOTH. I like that idea A LOT.

Do you, boo. 
Do you. 
'Cause I'm already doing me. 

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 What's your favorite? I know it's difficult. I'll make it easier-- top five?

Shine on. 

Oh, and shop below. 


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