Tuesday, February 24, 2015

New York Fashion Week: Darkoh's F/W 15 Collection

Bespoke: It's all the rage. We like our made-to-order this, that, and everything these days. From our food to fashion choices, we're drawn to the unique. We get it-- it's cool. For investment pieces, like a staple suit though, that bespoke quality and precision tailoring can be out of reach or plain inaccessible for many. Darkoh is determined to change that for menswear. 

With roots in bespoke suiting, Darkoh unveiled its latest collection of F/W15 menswear that focuses not only on trend but fit, offering ready-to-wear that reflects a made-to-order attention to detail. Its German designer, Joyce Darkoh, has her work cut out for her...literally...by being a woman designer in the predominantly male-dominated world of men's suiting, which is no quick snip. Darkoh aims to offer a bespoke experience with instant accessibility and a more reasonable price tag. 

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The F/W15 collection demonstrated Darkoh's signature meticulous tailoring and the ability to find a harmony between classic and trend. Expanding beyond suits, the line showcased shirts, trousers, pants, jackets, and coats. The decadent fabric gang was present: tweed, wool, corduroy, velvet, and silk brocade. Spattering of red and wine tones popped among the grey, black, and camel palette. Sharp tuxedo jackets and checkered pieces rounded out the balanced collection, proving that Darkoh doesn't just strike one note. Quirky yet sleek, sharp but not stiff--it hits the highs and lows. 

Darkoh's strong foundation in high-quality tailoring caters to a fashion-conscious man. Although still a young line, Darkoh knows who he is and where he's going. And, he's looking good, really good while getting there. 

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