Tuesday, February 24, 2015

New York Fashion Week: JM Couture F/W15 Gets Gowns Right

JM Couture proved that it's a dress to be reckoned with by unveiling its F/W15 collection, naturally titled "Obsidian," at New York Fashion Week.

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Copyright JM Couture. 

Forget rags-to-riches, founder Jim Mullen's story happens to be a very true t-shirt-to-couture story that culminated in Sunday's reveal. In 2009, Mullen began what is now JM Couture by selling shirts to support his music endeavors, and it's now clear that this line has grown up and slipped on its party gown. Much like its volcanic namesake, the "Obsidian" collection exudes sultriness and oozes organic femininity by flattering the human form.


To the electronic beat of Mullen's original music, the first look set the tone: a camel chiffon gown on which lilac butterflies glided down stopped the show--literally--mid-runway while highlighting the exquisite applique. 

Hollywood glamour and sensuality dominated the collection: floating feathers, gleaming sequins, light-catching fabrics, and cozy furs. It was all woman. It maintained confidence without venturing into pretension by keeping it modern in the details but classic in silhouette. When the sleeves were long, a sheer skirt accompanied. High neckline gowns proved backless. Plunging necklines and thigh-high slits were placed appropriately. There was balance to each look, a calculation, in fact. The collection reflected a heavy palette--particularly, with striking blues, lava-like reds and lustrous onyx--but lent way to softer looks much like natural evolution of matter: from the hard to soft, and from the dark to light, and back again. 

Standouts: A long sleeve, fiery maroon and ash trumpet gown with a dangerously low neckline, a black gown updated with black sheer cutouts and fur trim, and a deep navy sequin long sleeve stunner with a high neck and structured shoulders.

Copyright JM Couture. 

Mullen, a man of talent combining his love for all mediums of expression, has found a way to translate this through the runway and really, every aspect of his show. JM Couture provided the audience with an experience, and that, is equally what he offers his wearer. It's more than a dress; it's a moment, an event, a memory, and a feeling.

Make me an offer like that, and I can't refuse. 

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Actress and performer Demetria McKinney models the final look. 

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