Friday, May 22, 2015

Summer's Perfect Tote

Just in time for your Memorial Day Weekend trips, picnics, and barbecues, I've found your perfect tote.

I'm no stranger to a good--scratch that--great handbag. To say that, like most women, I have an obsession with bags of all kinds, colors from high-to-low to vintage, would be an understatement. Well, bags anddddddd shoes. Let's be real. 

But, while I was visiting my family in North Carolina (read HERE), my sisters and I stumbled into and dominated...I might add...the cutest store, All Through the House, in an area of Winston-Salem called Reynolda Village. Featuring an array of shops and restaurants--from purveyors of coffee and local chocolate to infant clothes to high-end heels. It was once a part of the tobacco-tycoon R.J.Reynolds family's estate and is modeled right after an English Village. See, I told you: ca--yute! 

So, walking into All Through the House, it took all of about two seconds for me to spot several must-haves items.

Suddenly, I Ispotted the perfect summer (or all-year-round) tote! Along with a few other accessories, shhhhh. I tried to restrain myself. 

Made by Remi & Reid, 
it's called the Departure Tote:

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    I chose this coral/sand bag, but Remi & Reid offer it in 16 different color combinations! Oh, and even better? This tote is 3-in-1 and reversible! Yep, sure is. So, it is the epitome of style and function. Is it a coral-kind-of-day or a sand-kind-of-day? That's the question! Oh, and thirdly, there's an interior, but totally separate, zippered pouch that you can use on its own (includes a strap), as a makeup bag, or simply to keep all of your many items that you're carrying around in the tote organized.

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Check out some of my other favorite color combinations below
clutches if you like it small! 


 Enjoy Memorial Day Weekend...safely & stylishly. 
Catch me in the park! 

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