Friday, July 31, 2015

Right Now in Six.

Once again, we're back.
Cue Kelly Clarkson, because since I've been goooooooooone...

OK, I'm a loser, and I remember belting that in high school at an underage party at some guy's house whose parents were out of town, but that's a story to elaborate on at another time...

    I briefly headed to Memphis, Tennessee (yes, that's my hometown, y'all) for an extremely short trip to spend a weekend with family and to also meet some new members to our clan. I'm mortified to divulge one major activity that I somewhat willing took part in, but I know that it would come out eventually. I visited a MAJOR brand new Memphis tourist attraction that was once a proud city landmark. It's called The Pyramid. Get it? Memphis and a massive pyramid on a strong and major river? Get it? Alright, it's no Egyptian wonder, but it just might be a southern style shrine. It is a Bass Pro Shop now...on steroids. I'm not exaggerating; it's gigantic. It's practically a theme park.


Ducks Unlimited Waterfowling Heritage Center

Big Cypress Lodge
Beretta Fine Gun Center

28-Story Freestanding Glass Elevator

The Lookout at the Pyramid
Uncle Buck's Fishbowl and Grill
Cypress Swamp Waterfowl Habitat
Bowling Alley

In their own words, "there's nothing else like it anywhere in the world." No, but really. There are ponds with live fish, bridges, full-sized speed boats, and an entire wooden-beamed lodge high above. Moving on...

Count 'em out! 

1. Grace & Frankie

This Netflix only series, featuring none other than hilarious and legendary leading ladies, Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, isn't your typical comedy about aging. Although it may be, ermmm, "mature," it appeals to any age, albeit the 18+ range. These two frenemies learn that their husbands are not only leaving them after many years of blissful marriage, but they're leaving their wives for one another. Yep, that's right. Grace and Frankie are left to cope with the shocking news with one another after they move into the beach home that their families had co-owned. The men plan their upcoming nuptials while the two starkly different women embark on their own soul-searching journeys: navigating the dating world, pursuing new hobbies, and attempting to deal with the fact that they're the counterpart to a marriage. I think that we can all relate to the premise of reinventing ourselves. Whether we've been let go from a job or been broken up with, we all know that gut-wrenching feeling when you realize that your world has been turned upside down, and it's time to acknowledge the fact that we have to pick ourselves up and move onward and upward...or, to wallow in misery and self-defeat. Tomlin and Fonda make the journey entertaining with witty banter and a surprisingly relatable quality. Think modern day Golden Girls with a bit more bite. You don't need to be 70 to enjoy the humor of Grace and Frankie. My love for all things old lady might just make me a teeny bit partial, but I'd hang with these ladies any day. 

2. Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation

    It's summer in the city, and we're all melting away. Particularly, us ladies. I end up with my face on shirt, hands. Basically, everywhere BUT my face. It seems futile to even slap on some cover up before I dash out of the door these days. What a waste of perfectly good cosmetics. Rimmel sent me a sample, though, of their newest full coverage foundation, and whoaaaaa, girlfriend. I have typically been loyal to what I consider "high end" brands, but this lady is not too good to save a buck if the product works. Rimmel's Lasting Finish is heatproof, sweat proof, and it refuses to transfer! I'm shocked. It smells great, it feels, great, and it's ridiculously affordable with a price tag at $6.99. I had been using and truly liking Kat Von D's "Lock-It Tattoo Foundation," but it wasn't exactly a perfect match for my skin tone, and often felt like it was melting down my chin like a popsicle in Phoenix. Nice job, Rimmel. It doesn't cake, and I look and feel normal when I arrive at my destination. Showers are (finally!) worth it again. Scoop it up at any drugstore or right HERE. Your blouses will send me a thank you note.

3. Handwritten Cards

Speaking of notes, I received two cards in the mail this week. Thanks, Mom. It may be a dying art, but you know what? I think it's one worth saving. I've heard murmurs that handwriting may actually become obsolete. That's insane. I remember taking penmanship classes all throughout grade school. I get it, I get it. Society is becoming more and more dependent on electronics, but some times, it's nice to actually grab a pen and put down a piece of yourself on paper. That's what handwriting is--a physical representation of you. It's pretty cool when you think of it like that, isn't it? A truly unique mark of expression that belongs to that specific person. So, let's all try to get a little bit more interpersonal in a world where communication has gotten less so with every stroke of a key.
Many, many thanks to the fabulously talented Stacey Meredith for the gorgeous stationary and all-things print! The woman is a master. Check out HER SITE for so much more!

4. Dreaming of Vera Wang Holidays

I was invited to check out the Simply Vera Vera Wang for Kohl's collection at their showroom off of Fifth Avenue. Thoroughly impressed by the mix of style, quality, and affordable price tag, I was given a private tour of their activewear line (Simply Breathe), their women's line, and their junior's (Princess). There was sparkle. There were cozy knits. There were (faux) snakeskin crossbody bags. Still sweating from my ten-block walk in the NYC humidity, I was missing the cooler weather of November. Ummmm, these shoes! I need one of each, please. Never enough. 
Shop the current collection at Kohl's in person or online HERE. But, be on the lookout for the upcoming collection this fall! The shivers have never looked better...or left your wallet feeling warmer!

5. Bringing Home the Birkin by Michael Tonello

 "It's NOT a bag! It's a Birkin!"

This book is perfect for a sunny day spent on the beach, indoors during a warm summer shower, as well as on my hammock on the roof. Michael Tonello recounts the story of how he picked up and moved from New England to Barcelona, Spain in order to take a job that ultimately fell through. He decided to pull himself up by his Christian Louboutins and create a career for himself, buying and selling luxury goods by starting a lucrative eBay business. Believe me, it's hilarious. Juicy. But, Tonello can actually write unlike many of your typical "chic-lit" light reads. No offense, honestly, to the genre. That makes me sound like a snob, but we all understand that different works serve entirely different purposes. Those provide plenty of laughs and entertainment, but Tonello brings the chuckles and the tears with a side of humanity that isn't often found in fashion-centered reads. He revels in storytelling. Best thing about MY copy, though? My best friend and roommate works at a high-end consignment shop on the Upper East Side that hosted one of Michael Tonello's book signings. She hooked me up and surprised me with this after I'd had "one of those days" when everyone seems to hate you, and you feel exactly the same way about them. I must have been subconsciously sending my personal bat signal into the universe.
Purchase HERE and HERE on the cheap!

Also, I'm obsessed with summer woven hats of all shapes. This one borders on "old lady gardener-chic," but come on...when you own it, it works, right? P.S. Remember THIS Remi & Reid tote?!

6. Braiding the Day Away

    So, I am by no means a hair guru. I wasn't blessed with a knack for it in the slightest. My hair is unruly and often frizzy in the summer after a commute or short walk. So, what to do? Also, I absolutely hate having a sweaty neck when I'm not lounging beside a pool, body of water, or in the gym. It's a major pet peeve of mine, and it makes me see red...and not in a chi, matte lipstick kind of red. REDRUM. Also, the slicked back look doesn't work on me, despite my efforts to look like it was my intention. It doesn't look intentional, FYI. So, I've been incredibly into braiding my hair. Perhaps it's a bit "too adolescent" for me in my old age, but I like the single braid, the double braid, and the milkmaid braid on me. Now, those work. They may be a bit messy, but hey, that's me, and I own it. I think that's the point, honestly. I never felt like I looked polished, together, or even attractive once I'd become overheated. Now, I'm feeling a bit all ways. It makes the difference in my attitude and my ability to fly out of the apartment quickly and without too much stress. That's a good look on us all. 

So, my question is, what's going on "right now" with you?
Drop me a line, and I'll check your list out too!
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