Friday, September 4, 2015

Oxford Advanced Studies

    It's no secret that I simply adooooooooooore a good Oxford. In all of its traditional forms and the quirky takes on this footwear staple. They're not just good, but pretty damn top-notch, in my book. As a flat and a take on "menswear" (Can't it be all-wear? Unisex?), or add a heel, a wedge, whatever, and call it a day for me. I'm sold. I, personally, love them in a functional and adorable, classic black, but I'm really into funky textures, colors, and patterns. That juxtaposition between traditional and eclectic or modern makes creates interest for me, making an outfit. Or my day. Or my week, if I've had "one of those."

    I recently purchased two MORE--key word, "MORE"--pairs of Oxfords, and yet again (surprise?!), these are heels. These have a bit of a smaller heel than most of my others, and their shapes are a bit on the square side. So, they're a bit masculine meets feminine, although it is annoying to have to force a label upon them. Made by American Apparel, from which I rarely buy from (sorry? or, not sorry?), but purchased from their factory outlet here in New York City's SoHo neighborhood store, these babies shine bright in periwinkle blue and gaudy gold. But, you can purchase them directly online HERE. Best touch? They each came with separate laces. Which, as a sidenote, is an excellent nudge toward creativity when you own shoes that have any type of potential for lace-ups. I'll be switching up their laces again soon to different colors, ribbons, or whatever sort of vibe I'm grooving to that day...or night.

Brilliant idea, right? 
Who knew it could be so simple! 

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Grab some that fit your needs and personal tastes, though. Oxfords are the perfect fall shoe! Personally, I'm always drawn to hunter green and dark burgundy for the season (imagine that!), but this season, I'm FALLLLLLING all over myself for *uniquely-hued metallics.*

I've found some fabulous fall Oxfords that will have you conjuring thoughts of cool breezes and magical trails of leaves.

Shop away, happy feet!

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