Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The IT Girl of Gowns NOW: Leanne Marshall

    Leanne Marshall, the notable season 5 Project Runway winner, showed an ethereal F/W 15 collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in February that continued to celebrate the designer's affinity and clear knack for femininity. 

    The collection highlighted Marshall's astonishing intricate skill with delicacy, using fabrics and fluid silhouettes to ensure this. Sheer--many, dangerously so--and gowns and skirts floated down the runway by models, topped by small band-like crowns. A romance a la A Midsummer Night's Dream captivated the audience by the detail of each hand-dyed, hand-painted garment...right down to the embellished undergarments left exposed beneath many.

Now, that's enchantment down to the bone. 

Silk wool, silk organza, and silk chiffon made up the collection with a few appearances by wool crepe pants and structured coats and vests and a very brief appearance by a leather bustier, keeping the looks light. 

    Interestingly, the forty-two looks were divided into four categories, noted in French. The separate categories, seemingly represented the stages of intense love: the voyage toward, the chase (of love), the obsession, and finale of insanity (la demence). Each embodied their respective stage, noticeably transitioning in color, style, and overall attitude. 

    Leanne Marshall's standout F/W 15 collection further proved that her win on Project Runway was no coincidence. Her new line, though was simply magical--We've been wooed. 

This fall and winter, you've been warned. 

You'll either be wearing one of these or stand, spellbound, watching someone else cascade in the dress of all of our dreams. Is it midnight yet? 

***NOTE: Much like Carrie Underwood at 49th Country Music Awards below in Leanne Marshall! 

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