Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Recreation: Coming Back to Life.


SUCH a small word.
Just two letters.


Comprised of the letters "N" and "O," one very short but VERY LOUD word. 




Hate her or love her, you surely can't deny the influence of and absolute aura of Lady Gaga, especially when she speaks on this subject....I mean belttttttttttts as the Queen can only do. 


The Lady herself performed this particular emotional ballad "Till it Happens to You" (to put it mildly) on the 2016 Oscars Awards for her song's appearance on the documentary "The Hunting Ground." Documentary and song...watch both. I'm demanding it, really, at this point. The incredible amount  of sexual assault in general--hey-aren't we ALL discussing this?!-- should be alarming enough this day and age. Truly, shouldn't we all be discussing this?! Really? Considering the amount of "equal rights" we're all striving for, working for, posting about, tweeting about...but, that's still such a joke (come on! let's be real!), and we all have to realize that at some level. Even more alarming, though? EVEN MORE?  The unreported accounts AND the lack of repercussions for those that are reported. No media attention. No justice. The victims become the perpetrators. Especially, when the actual violators are people of stature, power, money, and most notoriously, athletes or of fame. We blame the victim. She/He drank too much. She/He was known for being "slutty" or dressing immodestly. She/He purused. Wanted IT. The victim initiated the encounter, and then said "no." NO. It's a pretty easy word to understand. We've all been able to speak that one tiny, but powerful word since we were infants. We should get it by now. 

NO! NO! NO! 

Give me a break. All of the same 'ole excuses for the same despicable crimes. 

I've had enough. 

Lady Gaga's performance at the 2016 Oscars with 50 survivors of college sexual assault and rape. 

I'm posting this video and strongly, desperately encourage you to watch "The Hunting Ground," which, of course, is on Netflix for your convenience. It's pretty scary. But, this video brings me to tears. 1 in 5 undergraduate students will be sexually assaulted. So, someone you KNOW will have this occur to him or her.

I think that we can all relate, right? That feeling...That black hole of emptiness of confusion and desperation. You don't know how it feels until IT happens to you. NO matter what your IT might be. IT embodies an array of issues. We're are just try to struggle a little less, experience a little less pain, and elicit and receive more warmth and kindness. Let's try a little empathy. 

You tell me "it gets better, it gets better,

in time"

You say I'll pull myself together, pull it together,

"You'll be fine"

Tell me what the hell do you know,

What do you know,
Tell me how the hell could you know,
How! could you know

Till it happens to you, you don't know

How it feels,

How it feels.

Till it happens to you, you won't know

It won't be real

No It won't be real
Won't know how it feels.

So to answer your hypothetical question, 

"NO" doesn't seem so short and weak any longer, now does it? 


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