Create or Collaborate.

Great minds...


Not necessarily alike, but they mull over, develop, and ignite sparks. Feel like swapping thoughts, ideas, or possibly creative personal or business proposals? Fantastic. I'd love to hear what you have to say. 

Whether you're a fellow blogger, reader, fashionista, musician, designer, artist, professional, an attorney, a teacher, or a business-type, I welcome you here to ThoseKindsofGirls. In conjunction, I welcome your communication.

Type up a little something and send it over. Let's chat. 


Personal/Other Inquiries:
Instagram: /ThoseKindsofGirls
Twitter:  /WeAreThose

Copyright Policy:

All images and content are copyright of Those Kinds of Girls unless otherwise noted. Please do not reuse original images without proper credit, or repost content without prior consent. To obtain permission to reproduce content, please send an e-mail to I'm flattered and generally happy to accommodate in any way that I can. 


Those Kinds of Girls is a personal weblog, and opinions expressed here are my own and are not those of any advertiser or affiliate. There's only real talk here, despite opportunities and products being brought to my attention. In the event that a sample, product, or service is gifted, it will be noted in the post. All products will be reviewed honestly based upon experience.

 Additionally, I am currently accepting products and services for review. Please note that I reserve the right to turn down product and/or review inquire that I feel does not align with this site appropriately.

Those Kinds of Girls welcomes sponsorships and advertising that is relevant to the aim and image that this website inherently embraces. 

We make moves.

We push forward.

We evolve.

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