Who, Me?

Allow me to introduce myself,
I am a woman of wealth and taste...
Pleased to meet you.
I hope you guess my name.
-"Sympathy for the Devil," The Rolling Stones 

I am that kind of girl.
"What kind of girl?"
If you have to ask, you've clearly missed the point.
You know our kind when you meet us.

My name is Olivia Inkster, and I created the entity that is Those Kinds of Girls. It isn't just a blog. Like I said, it's an intangible thing. It's a way of life. It's a mindset. It's a thought. It's a feeling. For me and for many other people--both men and women. It's for those of us who haven't always quite fit perfectly into cookie cutter shapes...or sizes...or groups. Our dough hangs out a little over the sides or may not fill the entire space allotted. That's OK. In fact, it's more than OK. Different views on all issues, from the very most superficial to the utmost complex, teach us understanding, empathy, kindness, and expansion. It plants a seed, and that tiny, seemingly meaningless thing grows, and that process should be celebrated. That's what the aim of this site is. I'm a freelance writer by choice, providing commentary, reviews, and general content work for online (predominantly) and print publications. Additionally, I am involved in the styling industry as well as brand consulting and image overhaul. Those Kinds of Girls is solely a labor of love...and sanity...and release...and creativity.

With a background in Journalism and a whirlwind history in the music, fashion, and lifestyle industries, I know what's going on. I have seen and experienced a vast range of moments with incredibly varied and enchanting people throughout my lifetime. I'm consistently on the hunt for the next person, place or thing that jumpstarts the blood flow.

 Anything is game here: From streetstyle and trends to life's harsh realities and social commentary, you can see, feel, hear, and share it all-the tangible and intangible- right along with us all as we bump around this crazily delectable world we're all co-existing within.

Areas of expertise 
documented work experience include:

Editorial styling for print and internet media
Personal styling
Fashion writing
Image consulting
Lifestyle commentary
Fashion collection reviews
Film reviews
New York Fashion Week
Conducting interviews
Discovering emerging talent in art, film, and fashion
Creative writing
Artistic direction
Buzz creator

Samples of work:

Olivia Inkster writer review, Alice and Olivia fashion week write up, best NYFW reviews

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Olivia Inkster fashion reviews writer, Olivia Inkster Style Defined NYC, OLivia Inkster fashion review writer, best fashion reviews New York City fashion week, Alice and Olivia review fashion week

Print Editorial:

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